Keep Holding on - Slum Village feat Pook Bear, Que D

Waddup? Feelin' a little under the weather today
But I had some stuff to get off my chest you know
Now what I'm about to say to y'all I might had never said to the general public
So y'all gotta hear me yo, feel me

I know I might sound like I got a cold and I'm sneezing
But I'm grown and I'm breathin', hear the tone in my speakin'
Both of my parents gone for a reason
Daddy's wrong just for leaving mother widowed and I'm breathin'
Now spirits above the stones and the demons
She belongs in the teachin' where there's a throne in the kingdom
And deep inside my bones I'm believin'
that my poems that I'm readin' is the songs to my freedom
But life can be known as deceiving, what I'm shown isn't pleasing
Makes me wanna throw stones at a deacon in his home when he preachin'
See that's Satan makin' my heart cold as a breeze till it's frozen from freezin'
Gotta get right, I might not make it over this evening
Cause your time period is shorter than breath goin' from weazen
Heard my n_gga Tone[?], he was bleedin' through his clothes
it was leakin' from some chromes that was squeezen
Than when I'm all alone I be thinkin' I'm against All Eyez
prayin' to God to show me the evens
But I'm sick of bein' poked through the seasons
smokin dro through the drinkin' with two hoes through the weekend
About to go till I see [?]

Life can sometimes be so hard to bare
When you feel like there's no one who cares
There are times you feel all hope is gone
Don't loose faith and just keep holding on ["and on" echoes]

But sometimes I feel alone in these streets
against the cold of these streets my heart and soul on these streets
I lost my mom so I hold to a piece of a place
Dead a time when we both inner-twined
It was love for a fatherless son
Although he had love for a son visits were none to seldom
I was sat on a porch till the mail come
and when it came it never was a letter of my name (damn)
But moms was there for me, she held it down 'cause she cared for me
She never left even in her last path where she slept
next to death she was always at her best never stressed
That's why I love her [whispered]


You gotta keep holdin' on you gotta keep keep holdin' on keep holdin' on
Just keep holdin' on you gotta keep keep holdin' on keep holdin' on yo
Keep holdin' on you gotta keep keep holdin' on keep holdin' on


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