Let It Go - Slum Village feat Blu

Life been pivotal, Ever since I disconnected from the umbilical
Cut ties human form physical, tunnel was my visual
Set plots them bum bo clots, Sour like they swallowed jars of pickle juice
We did it tall like the hats worn by Dr. Seuss
You a cockatoo, binocular eyes I got of spotted you
Giraffe neck took long steps, progress into success with a mean pair hiking boots
I bared fruit without knocking dude
Even though I saw the issues as small as pixels and particles
Sh_t I ain't mad at you I furthered you
Wanted you to be part of it too you doubt you cause you had mixed molecules
He flew the coop, I had to cut him loose
He should hung around, why cause I a noose you obtuse
I'm difficult to understand too, that a excuse that n_ggas use when they true

[Hook - The Action Figures:]
And yes I am high I just let it go
On the route to be indelible
I know you know about it
Street dreams and nightmares
Come alive in the night air I made a song about it
And some how I just let it go
Let the pain go
Let the Stress go
Let the fair go
It's our time. Go

[Young RJ:]
Tunnel vision deep focus on the light at the end of it
No plan b's, just to eat I depend on it
Had it all thought out but life put a spin
Stood my ground I'm a die or defend on it
Come take a walk in these ten and a half
See what my eyes see, through these dark streets and paths
Some trails is like crack vials
Just smoke and mirrors
It's important to have disaplen I'm so serious
Mission is simple one goal success
Ask jah bless all that my hands posses
Keep my grass low all visual no seek attack mean that litural
It's fun how your dreams can be the next mans nightmare
Stay prepared they don't fight fair
When you got that tunnel vision you move with vigor
Or you can do sixty years forkilling a n_gga


Hieroglyphic vivid calligraphy
Rap a wrap on this industry
Salary caping ministries
Manifesting my vision
This is monumental
Bout to drop infection like I socked his whistle
Nice and simple mic and prices instrumental
Ride the rhythm like rahkim and them
Killing n_ggas with Benjamin's
Bigga faces couldn't be more appropriate the picture on harol mcfarll
And put a arrow through his marrow
From the snipes barral and connect the dots like oriens belt
I am felt n_ggas tried and felled get in line or bell
Plus I rock your bells like a bell in some fly channel
Light the l
Lift me up to heaven kiss my halo hello
I am home, tell them play my song on the radio ni


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