Look at Yo Face - Slum Village feat Illa J, T3 & Vice

My girlfriend f_cked me last night in the bed I made a sound like
Yea we do it every day, every night, and this so right
Like that fool she be tooking to be so tight
Half-dressed on my shoulders, now I'm so light
Now I got a whip and I'm fissin on my old bike
You cat that, already tapped that
It's like a blunt, I hit it and I pass that
Now I'm chillin with my wifey, laughin at yo text
When I thought you was already past that
Look at yo face
When I go to the bank and pull out the big faces
You lookin so stank
You lookin like I could've had a piece of that cake
You lookin like I should be twerkin that J
You feeling like I should be wearing that ring
You feeling like I should be marrying that king

Yea, look at yo face
(Look at yo face, look at yo face)
Look at yo face
Look at yo face
Look at yo face
Look at your motherf_ckin face

They say a picture's worth a thousand
Thought I was bound out and go back to public housing
Made that announcement, we got a new album
N_ggas is F'in with, I guess I got that raw talent
Oh you 'pposed to be Mr. Fantastic
Super sarcastic, classic, the mad rapper
Mad chick, mad b_tch, magnet
Taxin hoes 'cause you think you wear the higher tax bracket
I fashion, you probly into flashin
Fast and Furious but your cries is disaster
Last I checked though you couldn't get it crackin
This one supposed to be refreshin the babies in the plastic
Came through and I smashed it, flipped it
Gold medal sh_t, gymnastic
I study for the masters, never frantic
Face peach records with Nicholas, n_ggas we on glasses

Look at yo face
Look at yo face
Look at yo face
Look at yo face
Look at your motherf_ckin face

Ha ha, you supposed to be ice cold ha?
Look at yo f_ckin face
You sittin over there following me on Twitter
You looking and you wathing me
N_gga we moving Eunice over here
Look at you now
If anybody is next to this n_gga
Look at his f_ckin face
We talkin about you n_gga
You know who you are
Look at yo f_ckin face

Yea, V squared, deli venom
I been killing these n_ggas since the beginning
Lyrical penicillin, rap jack Johnson
Flow so cold, I got em froze at the consuls
I been the sh_t since I repped with the uncs
The icon, die one, urban legend
Of the Windy City since I been throwing up the fen
I've been killing in ciphers, it ain't been tray
(Look at yo face)
You n_ggas know that but act like you forgot
For that graphic memory you better roll that
See hate gravitates, it can leave you stuck
While you was f_cked twice I was blowing up the smoke
(Look at yo face)
Ascend it like an angel
It's my time to rain, get your raincoat n_ggas
You pray to prey from my downfall
And you got to salute to the general
Look at yo face!

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