Nitro - Slum Village feat Havoc

[Hook - T3:]
And they say, we carnivores
Been raised by wolves
No complaints
It made us us
No praise just breaks and hooks
Hustling n_ggas yea we out to stack
Get that money then double it back
Hustling n_ggas yea we out to stack
Get that money then double it

[Young RJ:]
Muy... Grande/cudjo of tha pack
Black suits reservoir dogs shovels in the back
Digga ditch quicker don't let that liquor get u exposed
Or feel that heat n_gga 500 on the stove
Don't make me go in beastmode Benicio
Lyrical Wes Craven so official
Can't stop it, it's new 2 u so foreign
Seventh Son stay shining/ Jack Torrence
Slice ya spleen like a wolverine flee the scene like
Will Randall walkin with a guillotine scream
If u wanna it just make my adrenaline rush
I'm a life editor... predator
Meet the messenger that ain't no metaphor
Leave u needin medical attention lookin pitiful
Beast with the beats on these streets J Incredible
Throw u 2 the dogs let them feast on ya skeletal


Mine is loin with a electrical void of appliance half live half dead frankstein science
Dissect it, still don't know what I am, more like spirt of detroit in climate in rhymes
Survived when I dived I was in the great lakes, never drowning I knew how work with my surroundings
N_gga's got to see I'm astounding, I'm a downers, over bullsh_t walk on type rope and still new balanced do what I do that's challenge n_gga's f_ck with me on this planet
It ain't all smoke and phone cameras
It all good It's outlandish, n_gga's straight they slanted, these a friends they addicts, this ain't how I feel it, it's basic mechanics
Brave hearted, when with the will from the dearly departed, yeah we got it nailed it's the pros against the novice, yeah we eating well from the scales against carcass
Money all kinda ways
Hating n_ggas looking at the kid sideways
Cause everyday like a friday
So f_ck em all what I say
Long as the pies made everything hi grade
Ak arms reach wherever I lay
I'm dat n_gga what you trying say
We can make it happen hadle that right away
I ain't trying to let the beef linger none
Get up on you I ain't have to lift a finger son
Show you how to bleed a lung
Send you to the essence see you son
A long kiss goodnight, n_ggas curios I show you what it look like
What it cook like all day hood life
N_ggas money missing homie get ya books right


[Illa J:]
You can't find another n_gga that's braver than me never
Ain't a n_gga hotter than me, even with three sweaters
Get as much nookie as I got as a rookie with these clever
Lines that I spit like darts
So psycho on the microphone now I wake up like
Why did I bite this shark? Rip it apart?
And why did I light this spark in the middle of the day
And why didn't I wait till dark?
'Cause I am a beast and I'm on the feast
I came to eat your heart
What the f_ck is this
Hannibal Lector, cannibalistic sh_t that I'm f_cking with
Now the microphone so hot I need an oven mitt
Rewind my verse to the top
I know ya loving it
There's no way that I can stop, I gotta keep it going
Till I feel that I am killing it
And if I'm not I gotta start rewriting it
Go under my hood and start rewiring
And all you loose screws getting fired
And I hope it's understood we not rehiring
You might as well just go and get a job at Coney Island
While I vacation in Ireland

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