Reppin' - Slum Village

[Illa J:]
Just died pushed my ego off the pedestal
Suicide running out of breathe like I'm running suicides
In practice if life is b_tch
She's an actress and I'm lying that b_tch on the mattress
Enter the dragon continuously moving
Never laggin' I'm lost in the moment
It's like it never happened
Cream is the theme, Eric Clapton
I'm on the dream team and they made me the captain
And I ain't even play yet and they already clapping
Ain't kind of strange cause
How can you judge a book by it's cover and you haven't read a chapter
All I know is I got the secret weapon
I know my call of duty
And every single second, I'm J dilla reppin

To get here I had to walk hot coals
I did tours no one in the rows for shows
I didn't stop, I didn't pause, I didn't slow my roll
Cause I knew that music would evenly save soul
Only time it was packed I was the opening act
Plus nobody at my home place had my back
Introducing these n_ggas that few quite knew
Stepping in front of a crowd hoping nobody booed
Sorta sounding like Tribe plus some De La too
But that detroit sh_t they spit is so uncouth
Taking money and cars, talking b_tches and coupes
Over JB breaks and some obscure loops
See the things we did was it to brand new took take this
Three hood dudes on the pursuit of greatness
It took determination a dash of patients
But I got my ass up out of grams basement
Yeah we made it despite the hater-a-ction
All they get is the balls and salutations
Ain't no secret I'm the weapon, so when I'm called to duty
Every single second I'm S villa reppin

[Young RJ:]
Yo, I land cruise with a conglomerate
Jewels we got rock astonishing
Kiss the ring, bow down and honor it
I drop a seed in your melon and get my sow on
Reap the rewards, sit back and get my glow on
I'm Jeremy Lin, all I do win
Putting daggers in the hearts of men
In this world of sin, I choose to walk the straight line and shine
Take a walk in my mind, see what you find
It's like tough terrain
If you speak it then it's yours to claim
Dream big go against the grain
All I know, I'm like the secret weapon
I know my call of duty and ever single second I'm Baatin

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