The Line - Slum Village feat Focus

[Hook - Focus:]
I put it all on the line everyday
Cause it's all that I got and I'm not trying to lose
So I recall in my mind everyday
Why I did what I did I had a lot to prove
You see I'm here and going nowhere o.o.o.oo

Nah ain't no opposition, never second to none
Slum has begun a moving piston
Overcoming slum is running
We optimistic even if fail like a transmission slipping
I'm rolling I go the distance
Engine smoking, I stay in motion I'm so efficient
I had my ass out, no pot piss in
My intuition, told me not listen, n_ggas send you up the creek swimming
With hidden agendas and bad intentions
If I stumble that's a brief intermission cause I don't coincidentally
Lack I'm back it vengeance
My proclamation is to prove that I rock the nation
Threw my occupation, make moves and not complicating
Heart ache and pain, I just embrace it
When I was a product of blame and hatred I didn't
Ask why I face it
Now I'm reading the Tao, taking a bow
Flipping my style cause such and such couldn't figure me out


[Young RJ:]
I'm like a b_tterfly I can fly high to the top of the sky
Came out of my cocoon to shine bright over the horizon
Rising like the sun up in the atoms
I drop classic
To bad you didn't believe
Told you nigs I had a trick up my sleeve here it is
New team, new sound
Whole different flavor take a taste pass it around
Taste good don't it
Killing my opponents
I know I'm getting on yo nerves like sera-toning
Gone and run yo mouth I hear the chit chatter
I'm to big for small talk so y'all don't matter
You can be a giant like Goliath
I'm a still triumph, like a flame walking through a fire
Never a flaw rock hood to bos raw
Spit it like cane from Bogota
My n_ggas vanguard I'm out


[Illa J:]
I'm never goin away
Had a burden on my shoulder
But it was tooken away
All of a sudden I'm on top of the world/ doin my thang
Who is the blame
Or what is my aim
What am I saying
I'm just saying... that I'm in it
Cause I love it skip the fame
I'm just playing... with a nickel
I don't care if lose it
Not paying any attention
Just Vibin to this music
No lens to straighten my vision
Like I'm tryna hit a target
And I don't care if I miss it
Is it rocket science no not really
I'm just really gifted
Just a spiritual weapon
Give you a lyrical whippin
S... Villa b_tch I'm Reppin
Yes... I'm da secret weapon
I know you hear da bomb tickin
I'm explodin any second
And when it happens
You can call it da big bang
I'm the new king
Me and dilla switched chains
Be dem Yancey Boys
John and James


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