The World is Yours - Slum Village

[J Dilla:]
Slum was umm... The reason why I'm even here... Like I shop slum to Tip and that's how I actually got on... you know what I'm saying shopping a Slum village demo but He call me and was like... He wasn't interested in the slum... It's slum has always been slept on... I tell people like... They think I'm either frustrated of bitter at em... It's like naw they got to understand that... I was, I was there through all of that... Through all of the rejection... So to see them do something successfully and somebody believe in them and put something out... It's like I know how they feel

Today, the usual, concrete stronger when my n_gga's get noid
Still employed, like today the usual
Concrete stronger if tough you get it going you in the wind blowing
Sometimes it's like a jungle when it's concrete stronger
Went I'll never be void, still employed
So my money don't stack when I do it like I do it
It's f_ck up thinking n_ggas gotta misconstrue it
Still on the grind like a cop on the low
Got a lot on sh_t on my mind still ain't stupid
Stronger when I'm on the grind cause I gotta get the dough
Got a lot sh_t on my mind I gotta go through it
Through it all yo my n_gga's still ball in the hood
Stay sharp like a dart n_gga's never win the fight
This is the year my people bare witness the beginning
Sipping the gin is fine when I know the world is mine

Who's world is this?
The world is yours, lighters up around applause
Who's world is this?
The world is yours, the world is yours

Rest in peace my n_gga, yo forever my heart
All in my thoughts, forever my brother never forgot no love lost
Is there anything to gain, since you left things have definitely changed
Me and the other guy we don't even speak these days
Remember Lady T she ain't around like she use to be
Situations switch flames they burn eventually
Mine just flicker last two years been bitter
Yeah I did wrong, I abused my liver
Question myself like why am I here n_gga
Oh I had convo with God
He said keep it going this fake sh_t a facade
So I did it even when they said Slum was finished
Unapologetic I did for you n_gga
For real n_gga's like you and I
They don't appreciate a n_gga till he in the sky
I try to explain I'm trying to keep the legacy alive
So I switched to dirty slums, it's like a whole nother vibe

Time it's time it's for some action...

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