2 Minute Warning - Snoop Dogg

[gun cocks]

[Snoop Dogg]
Sometimes I feel lost like a runaway, read over the dire
Reap while I stay gettin Richard like Pryor
Need to put the gun away cause I got priors
It's hard to stay rollin when the world full of riders
Bullet tip on fire, flyin down sunset
Motivated to win, like I ain't won yet
Think sh_t over? Hell naw I ain't done yet
I L-B-see y'all prayin that a G fall
Tonight it's goin down like free fall
Chevy bouncin up and down like a f_ckin see-saw
Trippin off hate, no Hee-Haw
All blacks locs on the loc actin like I don't see y'all
Doing that sh_t to demean Dogg
But when I bring it to you, you be like "What you mean Dogg?"
Then we go back and forth, like it's ping-pong
Knowin I should just ring ya bell, ding dong!
But that's one thing about this sh_t partner
Every move is so watched by these rich boxers
So why should I lose all my rich sponsors?
I'm gone then you suddenly hip-hoppin?
Sheeit, sip the gin then I'm in the wind
Pop a beam like a M&M
So strong yet a n_gga thin
Rappers stay sayin Slim so Shady but ain't talkin Eminem
So f_ck you, him, and him
I was gangbangin befo' a n_gga entered in
No facade, I went from the yard
to a three-car garage to, instant menage it's
vintage, relentless, I mean this, I promise
No Suge, No Dre, I'da did this regardless
And thats what I'm supposed to think
Flinch at me like I'm supposed to blink
Motherf_cker this Crip still, hard to swallow like a big pill
Pushin 40's still a big deal
Ponytail still swangin, hair still braided
Laker to a Clipper I won't be faded
N_gga! So buzz on that sh_t
Backflip back to plaque sh_t
Blue red white to black sh_t, but for the green
I send a whole motherf_ckin team to clap sh_t
React to mack sh_t, problem, terrorist
F_ck this rap sh_t! [gun blasts]

Shots fired
Suspect down
Request EMT immediately [ambulance siren]

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