Ain't Nut'in Personal - Snoop Dogg feat C-Murder, Silkk The Shocker

Kill kill kill

How many killas you got on your mother f_ckin pay roll n_gga?
Snoop Dogg, C-Murder, and Silkk the Shocker
No limit (biatch)

N_gga n_gga I'ma rida
Ride with G's
And ship keys over seas by the three's
Keep an eye on my enemies
Snoop and Silkk
In da back of the Lac
With that AK
In da blue tint, with a infer-red
Mother f_cker gonna die tonight
That's why I smoke weed, get high tonight
Cuz I'ma No Limit soldier
With TRU datted in blood
I went to jail for years, for movin, burnin da drugs
Murda murda, kill kill
If you put me in danger
I aint trippin noo
No limit n_ggaz no strangers
I'ma tank representer till im history
Making playa hatas into a mother f_cking memory
So throw'em up if you a soldier
And Snoop Dogg pass tha mother f_cking dolja
I know you mother f_cking feel me
C-murder aint gonna die, till a b_tch n_gga kill me

[Chorus x2]
Ain't nut'in personal tru
See it's all about respect
Im never got slippin
Keep my heat on the dash

Now, how many n_ggaz you know that can f_ck around
And die and come back
They get hooked up with the number one rap label
And rap, like that
Sh_t I can't be duplicated
But I'm highly playa hated
And I been reinstated
And I thank god that I finally made it
Fated many n_ggas, just to get one back
Remember im that young n_gga
That put gangsta rap on the map
Never craps, only five duices
Mix that moet, white star, with them orange juices
I hang out with real n_ggas
Like Silkk and C-Murder
TRU n_ggas, do n_ggas
Like you n_ggas
Ghetto ass, lower class
Never hesitate to blast
And im so serious about my hustlin
Gots to have my cash
Can you imagin if I was broke
Sh_t I wouldn't be bustin no raps
Id have my strap, running up in your door
Takin all your dough and your gold and your cars
Cuz big snoop Dogg, Aint no mother f_cking rap star
See ima gangsta(gangsta) and you a notch(you a notch)
And you a s_cka(b_tch ass n_gga), and I rock
Im draped in my army fatigue
Blowing on green trees
In the navigator, and keep the heat for them playa hatas

[Chorus x2]

[Silkk the Shocker]
Now look at murda, murda, murda
And this kill, kill, kill
This sh_ts real
Stay strapped and capped, to get pealed
And mama always told me
If you aint down to ride with god
Down to die with god
You aint no mother f_cking soldier
No limit datted on my back and my stomach
Cuz ima mother f_cking fool
Uhhh, show me love
Cuz when I make music with thugs, I make moves
Well im coming out hard
I was coming out large
Seen this guy named van
I bring the pain
Look everybody coming out stars
See now me, C, and Snoop in da coupe
In da house thinking about loop
I told n_ggas
Rap sh_t isnt bad, I blast'em, So I ask'em, I shoot
Just a young n_gga bout raising hell and makin mail
If you a trip
I told you I was making this sh_t on bail (that's cool)
Back up n_gga, cant flame that sh_t like drugs
And see ima n_gga, im gonna hang like a n_gga
Bang that sh_t like it was crips and bloods
Now deal weed n_gga
Strapped up in my fatigue
Cant hold me down
Don't even trip my n_gga Snoop
If you a soldier now
Do what ya think b_tch
For this tank b_tch
I stay quick and work
And I got No Limit scattered on my f_cking forehead
That's why I do so much dirt

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