Been Around Tha World - Snoop Dogg

Yeah, this record for my baby, my baby boo
I know I'm always on the road, I'm always gone
And you say I never make records for you no more
Well this record is from me to you, baby
Yeah, real talk

Been around tha world
I've been into many places
Seen some unfamiliar faces
But baby, none of them compare to you
Soon as I get home I'm racing to unplug my phone

I seen everything twice
Been around tha world, I've seen every scene twice
Stopping down in Tokyo, dipping in the rice
I'm a boss at the wind, I cracked every colored dice
I do it big, f**k the rumors
Rich and infamous with the blue and grey Pumas
Gangstas don't die, they just move to Miami
I did all that, I was goin get ma candy
I'm sorta like Sammy
Smoother than Marvin, I need me a Tammy
Sippin Chardinae, making deals with my hands free
Fatherhood, now the actors can't stand me
Cause I own rap, and I'm coming for your day job
Until then, I'm chilling at the day spa
Relax my mind and just chill
Cause without you, none of this is real
Baby, you know I

Yeah, but now I'm back across the water
I'm in Sydney with somebody's daughter
Blowing sticky by the zips, and they can tell
By my rag hanging, n_gga, this is Crip, but I'm chilling
It feels so good to get away
Especially when your name is D-O-double-Gizzee
Coast-to-coast jetting, man, I been doing that
What you do, just start balling? I been around the track
Hop in Peas with the bosses
300 for the yacht, the third deck got a office
Docking down in Manico, churching with my folks
Bad luck had me dying when I fell up out that boat
My life is like a movie
But the bad guy don't die at the end, so sue me
Then I relax and chill
Cause without you, none of this is real
Baby you know I

Just for you baby
Yeah, I'm on my way home right now
I'm on my way right now
I'm leaving the studio right now
Soon as I get home tomorrow, I'm a go unplug it
Matter of fact, I ain't even gonna bring it in the house
See you in a minute...

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