Dogg House America - Snoop Dogg feat Soopafly, E. White, Mr. Kane, LaToiya

It ain't sh_t like ridin' wit my n_ggas, watchin the world time
Down to spend every last dollar I earn
It ain't nothin' but a thang to a youngster
It wouldn't be the same if the paper wasn't amongst us
I used to wonder what the funk was
The Bigg Homie said 'Give em what they want cuz'
I can't remember gettin high as a muthaf_cker
Walking by not saying hi to muthaf_ckers
Little mama told me, don't get it wrong its the truth, but I
Prefer to have a n_gga like Soopafly
Believe me I'm goin all out
And n_ggas trip when they see me up at Dogg House
And every time the Bigg Homie comes through they rush
My n_gga truck windows down, not the move, givin it up
We live it up, so we don't stop for sh_t
We Dogg House in your mouth, where the props for it, come on

[Chorus: Mr. Kane & (LaToiya Williams)]
Dogg House America (ooohhh}
My home, sweet home (ooohhhooo}
Dogg House America (Dogg House America)
My home (my home), sweet home (hoooommme)

[E. White]
Uh, like get ready for the park and jack move
Mama said super-tech the funk, back shoes
The white groove, S dot A dot SHOES
A n_gga like moos best not make that move
Unless, you rockin wit the Dogg House best
Affiliated, trust, no n_ggas f_ckin wit us
Many hate it but at least they strapped wit heat
They make it false tabloid, you froze back
These n_ggas must be on crack
Thinkin they can f_ck around wit the cost of the town
They love to boogie, uh
One tough cookie chocolate chip dip
Wit the rockin this b_tch hit top wit this hip-hop
And it don't stop (don't stop)
I make a lady go damn near crazy, I wanna treat ya lazy
Cos my bones tryin'a go like the disco age
And when I'm finished wit your b_tch I'm like get on baby
And look its no maybes, about the game I pack
Name on tracks, supa dupa came on back
O danger, n_ggas give me five minutes of fame
To show you why you should be use all kane, check it out

[LaToiya Williams]
Oh I, Oh I (oohh I), (oohh I)
Oh I, Oh I (ooohhh wwoaahhhh)
You want the funk
I can see it moving takin over your soul
Over your soul (over your soul yyeaahh)
We got that funk
We see g'd up bumpin everywhere we go
Where we go (everywhere we gooooo)
It's the music gotcha feelin the groove (ooohhh clap your hands)
Clap your hands and make your body move (woooaaahhhoo)

[Snoop Dogg]
Uh, Uh, we here to listen, ride and slide
And we doin the hip
Come along and ride wit this Dogg House mothership
My leg bone is connected to my knee bone
My knee bone is connected to my thigh bone
And my thigh bone is connected to my hip bone
And my hip bone is connected to my big bone, your house

[Mr. Kane]
That Dogg House gangsta crew
It really makes you go
It really, it really, it really fights me to the brain
It really fights me to brain (wooaah, wooaah, wooaah)
Ha, thats a cut hole piece of chicken
Finger lickin good
This is goin out to you and you
In to each and every hood
Menacing, noooo
We the most bop boppin about
Don't plant your seeds in hollow ground
Or you'll get em all brown

[Snoop Dogg]
Is an elephant heavy?
Is pig pork?
And how did Snoop manage to keep beef off his fork
Speak with the folks and chief wit the loc's
Rob from the rich so I can give it to the broke
When will these haters ever listen
That I'ma keep doin this till my casket bisurn
Young lisearn
Open your isears and pass me a beer and bang this here
Sip on the corner we pop a did in the game
Dogg House motherf_cker we, do the damn thing
We breakin the rules cos I'm a god damn fool
And I am so cool


[Snoop Dogg]
My countratissifie
My sweet brand liberty
G for G
It is who I be
I be the one who boogie woogie oogie
Dogg House y'all
Can you believe it
Uh, 2000 plus 2
Something to groove to
Its definately gonna make you move
Its that brand new hypadelic
Padelic that ass can you dig it?
Uh, I can dig it

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