For All My Niggaz and Bitches - Snoop Dogg

(feat. Kurupt, Daz, Rage)

[Verse One: Kurupt]

Well it's that slow flow, D-O-double-G, n_gga
See these other fools but you can't see me, n_gga
Who am I? (It's Kurupt motherf_cker)
Do or die (We gives a f_ck motherf_cker)
So slow your roll, I'm In Control like Janet
The loc-est twenty-one year old n_gga that's on this planet
Take it for granted, if ya wanna, cuz I'm gonna
grab my strap then clear the corner, beeotch!!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

So all my b_tches and my n_ggaz and my n_ggaz and my b_tches
Wave your motherf_ckin hands in the air
And if you don't give a sh_t
Like we don't give a sh_t
Wave your motherf_ckin fingers in the air

[Verse Two: Daz, Kurupt]

Now on a one, two, three who could it be
Comin with a group of gangsta sh_t for ninety-three
So ninety-four's arrived n_gga, back on up
And let me and my Dogg Kurupt f_ck sh_t up
Now can't nobody see me here or there
wherever I bails, I put it down on the ground
Cuz ain't sh_t for sale in the Coupe
with the beat flossin off gold D's
And my cousin Snoop packs well, you know what I mean
And it don't take much, for the Dogg Pound to bust a cap
in your ass, for gettin us all f_cked up
Now check it, it's a callin for n_ggaz like Doggs
who supposed to be the sh_t, but steadily b_tchin like hogs
(Yes y'all) Walk the Doggs (yes y'all) Yiggy y'all
Stay full of that gin and juice and have a ball

I packs a strap, like that, I kicks it like this
Now how many b_tches must get d_ck?
Before they say, that Daz is that n_gga from back in the day
Ya never ever thought I'd see him bustin with Dr. Dre
Cuz I grips mics, I rips mics in half
Hoes be comin to my flat so I can tap that ass


[Verse Three: Kurupt]

You're headed my way, n_gga you best to hit a U-turn quick
So what's happenin? I'm cappin sh_t up like a Western flick
The kinpin of the clique, top notch
17 shot Glock cocked, so all n_gga drop
The run of the mill fool get broke off for tryin to serve
the best Kurupt's era, peep the terror, cuz it's a murder fest
I smoke chronic everyday, so what have we
Another motherf_cker, gettin served like some cavy
Now who, drops (ruff rhymes) I got full Juice like 2Pac
(plus I'm) rollin with two Glocks
Fly motherf_ckers can't see Kurupt
Hellraisin like Pinhead, beware I'm tearin sh_t the f_ck up
Slow your roll, like your legs was broken
Who's jokin? Rakim never joked, so why should I loc?
Now that's my idol, check the vital rhyme flow doe
Runnin em like Flo Jo, stranded on Death Row
Mediocre motherf_ckers die cuz I'm servin it
They can't f_ck with or see me I'm mass murderin
[Smokin indo, look out my window I suppose] Yeah
[N_ggaz don't understand how we kicks diffrent flows]
(I'm raw like new footage) I'm rugged like a BF Goodrich
(Bring your whole set and get your hood lynched)
[Drop to your knees like a dog in heat]
Peep the murderous styles and the poetical techiques


[Verse Four: Rage]

Check it out, it's Rage, ready for the breakdown
Take down, when it comes to the mic I'm puttin my weight down
And that's 175 pounds of beed
beatin yo' ass down to the concrete
Fool, act like ya know
I'm stranded on Death Row with no where to go, so
What's a girl to do
Take out a crew, or two, a few, what you wanna do?

Throw your guns in the motherf_ckin air, we don't care
[Dogg Pound]
N_ggaz don't give a f_ck n_gga
About nuthin at all, just my Doggs and clockin the grip b_tch
[Dogg Pound]
N_ggaz don't give a f_ck n_gga
That's why I can kick it so tuff, cuz when times get ruff, my
[Dogg Pound]
N_ggaz don't give a f_ck n_gga
The clique i'm with, don't give a sheeit, ya know why?
[Dogg Pound]
Real n_ggaz don't give a f_ck


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