Ghetto Symphony - Snoop Dogg feat No Limit

[Snoop Dogg]
Yo nephew, give me some of that No Limit sh_t
We got my n_gga Fiend in the house
C-Murder in this motherf_cker
Mystikal all up in this b_tch
Goldie Loc, hm-hmm
My nephew Silkk the Shocker
Oh yeah, we got somethin for the ladies too
Mia X, run this b_tch

[Mia X]
Lyrical arsonist, lady alligator
Down South, hustler, former weight smuggler
I'm Mother, of the Tank, gave birth to an army
Guerilla millionaires, so don't even ask, if you wanna
get to clappin, soldier action specialty of style
We made the whole world respect the underground while
some of y'all n_ggaz talk sh_t and get mad
Cause we did it with a foot up your ass, and it's still there
I cares not about your click or the block
I'm still that same b_tch to run up in your spot and knock you off
Broad, with the cause (yeah) b_tch on a mission
Keep them n_ggaz by they nuts while you hoes be d_ck kissin
Missin the game, damn b_tch it's written in plain ebonics
So shake that come-up off you brain and do the knowledge
Mia X, kickin off the ghetto symphony
Next soldier up, tell em who the F_CK you be

WHUT? It's Fiend y'all
Put me in the ring with real MC's, and watch em run for cover
and hidin in trees, to escape the mic that I breathe on
Bleed on, exceed on!
Weak rappers with titles after twelve
Hit a bell that's what I'll feed on!
Microphone Don, walkin flesh, talkin bomb
Bringin harm, to the calm, and, them be alarmed
It's the African, oh, you wanna battle again?
I'll turn, you and your mans, to my yesterday plans
Oh damn, totin two pistols like Yosemite Sam
Old man be grand, loud as the Southern band
Pickups and caravans, the soldier, that could, that can
I would be the man, but Dogg beat me to them plans

[Snoop Dogg]
Next up, on the M-I-C
C-Murder, get busy for the symphony

I be's that n_gga on the tank, always trippin never slippin
Have you reminiscin and missin, that fool in your picture
Call me Bossalinie B_TCH without the Mo's at shows
And F_CK dose who oppose (why?) we runnin them hoes
three-hundred and sixty-five motherf_ckin days a year
I have your fool staggerin just like a bottle of beer
You n_ggaz runnin from the cops, well I ain't runnin no mo'
I flip the bird when I swerve, man, F_CK them hoes
I'm crazy my nagga, but uh, I thought y'all knew that, sh_t
Oh you ain't see the news? Sh_t I'm the n_gga with the TRU tat
Ask my n_gga Keno, sh_t, I just don't give a f_ck
And if you run up wrong, I'ma f_ck you up, you b_tch you

[Snoop Dogg]
Next up, on the M-I-C
Silkk the Shocker get busy on the symphony

[Silkk the Shocker]
Now would I COME THIS FAR F_CKER? If I didn't sound like a hit
Y'all didn't know what the f_ck y'all thinkin bout
You sound like a b_tch (beotch!)
Sh_t it sound like a wish, you know when you got a motherf_ckin hit,
b_tch?? When it sound like this!
Or you fake n_ggaz get enough heart, and try to bust a
rhyme at this click
F_ck around and miss, then f_ck around and get
found in a ditch
Gotta labels give me dough, when they find I can, gross this much
Freestyle sh_t, you can tell em I ain't, wrote this stuff
Silkk the Shocker, KLC perv and mash like, Snoop and Dre n_gga
Y'all can relate to ??? ??? get a contract like, MJ n_gga
N_gga where you from? You sweata, F_CK YOU AT?
N-O-L-I-M-I-T, Top Dogg, and I'm F_CKIN with that

[Snoop Dogg]
Next up, on the M-I-C
Mystikal get busy on the symphony

When the F_CK you ever heard somebody say that they don't say my song
or that I don't roll on every f_ckin person RAPPIN ON
(That n_gga Mystikal tighter than a muh'f_cker) HAHHHHH?
I came up off of _Peter Piper_ bells and the LL's _Bad_
??Nee?? n_gga to be pissed off with me
cause their old lady they call me their baby
MC's pilin up and crowdin up, but I'm their FAVORITE
The type to fly buyin a Z-28 IROC
And chop you in your motherf_ckin face (HIII-YAH)
Your album ain't tite, WHAT IN THE F_CK IS YOU PUSHIN?
You played out just like old woman p_ssy

[Snoop Dogg]
Next up, on the M-I-C
Goldie Loc, get busy on the symphony

[Goldie Loc]
Now watch me put these haters to the test, accumulatin with my stress
Fold em f_ck em fifty, get the sh_t up off my chest
Releasin anger, all natural gangsta energy
Goldie Loc the name, Dogg House game
Motherf_ckers better start backin up (whattup whattup)
We in the Tank punk busters, motherf_ckers don't wanna see us loc'd up
Little Goldie Loc, Goldie Locks the same thang
Smashin for the hood, cause I wanted to gangbang

[Snoop Dogg]
Last up, I believe that's me
Snoop Dogg, light up the mic for the symphony

This jam is dedicated to all non-optimistics
That thought I wasn't comin, out with some exquisite, rhymes
But that's OK, cause now I'm back
To kill all the rumors, and straighten the facts
Like umm, doin bad, gettin ganked for my bank
Now you all on my d_ck when you see I'm TRU Tank Dogg
You say, "Mmmm mmm mmm! Ain't that somethin
Dogg I bought yo' album, my n_gga, that sh_t is bumpin
I apologize, I'm sorry for the drama
Can I get your autograph for my baby momma?"
Sh_t I'm settin it off, lettin it off, bustin
Hustlin, rushin, dustin motherf_ckers
Droppin the heat, lock up the street, we 'posed to
I put this pistol in your mouth, now what you gon' do?
Top of the line, first class
I pop a cap in yo' ass, then pop some more in the glass
Too legit to quit, I'm spittin gangsta sh_t
Man f_ck all that yappin, we bout that gun clappin

No Limit, yeah, that's what's happenin
F_ck all that yappin, we bout that gun clappin
In the real world, talk is cheap
Actions speak louder than words
No Limit Records, here to protect and serve

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