It's All On A Ho - Snoop Dogg

[Snoop Dogg]
F_ck, sittin' up lettin' these motherf_ckerz know, though
You're my pimp buddies, my boy Sean Dogg, you on a mission (Yeah, baby!)
Creep Dogg, I know you trippin' (I feel you) Ya heard me? (um-hm)
[murmur] We just sittin' up in here droppin' game about these motherf_ckin'...HOS
(HOS?!) That's right, hos, and that what the topic is today on the show: hos
(Why you always gotta talk about 'em?) I mean, cause if you gotta blame it on somebody
You might as well blame it on a motherf_ckin ho....

[beat kicks in]

You feel me, Meech
(Now that I think about it...) It was all on a motherf_ckin' ho
(Ya heard me?) That the topic today: Hos
Live here, Snoop Dogg, and uh..what I'm gonna do right here
[inhales] besides smokin' this weed...I'm a holla at 'chy'all...
It was all on a ho, in one minute or two it, too
cause I know I got it like that...y'knahmsayin?
It was all on a ho (Ho, ho, ho)

["Now that I think about it?" echoes]

Shiit, n_ggaz straight feelin' like Bobby Womack
is in this motherf_cker tonight...y'knahmsayin?
That's the way I feel about ' was all on a ho...
But's Nineteen-motherf_ckin'-Ninety Eight
And I believe today is uh...October 31st, if I ain't...wrong...right, n_gga?
Yeah, yeah there, so uh... as they say in Halloween world or...
White world or just a world, in general: Trick or Treat, b_tch (Ha ha!)
Ya feel me? (Ya heard me?) We puttin' this Space-Age pimpin'
Full ?Fledge? pimpin' right here...y'know?
Right now, b_tch can't even look at me
B_tch you under arrest for "Reckless Eyeballs"
We just doin' this real P-Im right about now, ya feel me?
(That's it...that's it...) Because...I mean, I got a big grip...a BIG, BIG memory, cuz
I remember a whole lot of b_tches didn't wanna give no n_gga no title "Playa"
B_tches wouldn't even look at me, y'knahmsayin? (Yeah you!)
They just want a n_gga to bust a rap about 'em, y'know (Yeah you!)
Buy 'em sometin' to eat from...IHOP, y'know
Go get 'em a Big Mac value pack or sumthin'...
But uh...I'm a tell you what I really remember the most about these b_tches, cuz
(What chu remember, dawg?)

[Snoop raps]
I remember Rachel, Tina, Lisa, and Grace
cause every single one of them had a special place in my heart
From the start, see I was just a young puppy
A young dummy, panties, b_tches to f_ck with me
Now that I grew up and blew up, I look back
and thanked [thought] on these hos, they straight to' up, know what?
I'm in effect for the nine-eight
See now I'm scared of love, like my homeboy Nate
And I don't wanna hurt no mo'
I rather go to the Mo' with a ho and leave my rubber on the flo' (What?!)
And call my n_gga, Sean Dizzay
To come scoop me up in the cut, Dogg, n_gga, what, chy'all? (What, what, what)
Ain't knowin? Pimpin' and ho-in'
Keep the grass growin', "N_gga, where you goin'?"
Look here b_tch, don't ask me sh_t
Did I interupt you while [*slurping noises*] you was s_cking my d_ck, beyotch?
I don't need the stress, besides talkin' back to a pimp would get yo ass slapped
Respect the GAME (GAME), and I promise you the game gon' do the motherf_ckin' same
I learned a whole lot from these b_tches of my past
A b_tch with no class is worse than a b_tch with no ass
And you wonder why I'm from The Pound?
Shiiiit, if a b_tch can't swim, n_gga, she bound to drown, n_gga

Hook: [with echoing "Now that I think about it"]
It was all on a ho, what chu trippin' fo', n_gga?
It was all on a ho, Gs' up, hos down, what chu trippin' fo'? (What chu trippin' for'?)
It was all on a ho, why you trippin', dawg? Hos down, Gs' up
It was all on a ho, what chu trippin fo', ya heard? Gs' up, hos down, it was all on a ho

It was Nineteen-motherf_ckin'-Ninety Three
Me and Sean Dogg in the CPT
And we f_ckin' with these f_ckin' mob bicthes he know
And the one named Kiki, she's so kinky
Said she loved my video, so you know where we goin here
Now she feelin' freaky, and wanna braid my hair
So I sit back, relax, and let her twist
And put my head back on a pound of fish ?????
(Wait a minute!) Wait a minute! Let me hit it!
"Nah! I ain't even trippin' let me get some head in the kitchen
And keep dippin'", Then I looked in the living room and
See my n_gga Sean Dogg b_tch straight trippin'
So, you know what's next..(What up?) sex!
Pull out cha d_ck and bust a nut on her dress, (Say what?) (Word!)
Like Billy Clinton, we representin'
For all you women, b_tches, keep swimmin'
We never save 'em and that's on The Pound
cause if the b_tch can't swim, she bound to drown, n_gga

Hook: [with echoing "Now that I think about it"]
It was all on a ho, hos down, yeah (hooooooooooooooo)
It was all on a ho, G's up, yeah, Hos down, hos down (hooooooooooooooo)
Hos' down, (hoooooooooooooooooooo), yeah
It was all on a ho, Gs' up, hos down, Gs' up
It was all on a ho, it was all on a ho, ho, ho, ho, ho
It was all on a ho, Gs' up, hos down, Gs' up, if a b_tch can't swim, she's bound to drown
Check it out, y'all, Checka-checka-check it out, y'all
It was all on a ho, yeah, I need everybody out there to say this sh_t wit' me, c'mon

Now can I get a hooooooooooooooo (hooooooooooooooo)
Say hooooooooooooooo (hoooooooooooooo)
Lemme hear you say ho, ho, ho! (Ho, ho, ho!)
Everybody...ho, ho, ho! (Ho, ho, ho!)
Now can I get a BE-YOTCH!? (BE-YOTCH!)
Gangstaz lemme hear you say BE-YOTCH! (BE-YOTCH!)
Ladies....BE-YOTCH! (BE-YOTCH!)
One mo' time, everybody say hooooooooooo (hooooooooooooooo)
C'mon say hoooooooooooo (hooooooooooooooo)
C'mon say ho, ho, ho! (Ho, ho, ho!)
Everybody say ho, ho, ho! (Ho, ho, ho!)

Aiyyo ?Meech?, I got some hos bouncin' through...
Get the f_ck up on out of here, n_gga

[Snoop adlibs "It was all on a ho",
"Now that I think about it", and "hoooooooooooo" til fade]

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