Let It out - Snoop Dogg feat Teddy Riley, Calthomeesh West, Latonya "Tone Trezure" Givens, Terrace Martin

[Snoop Dogg]
Well it's the super duper Snoopa once again I'm on the fly
Swoopin through I'm in my coupe and all the b_tches want a ride
If it's trippin like I'm clippin I'm still grippin on my nine
We be Crip'n while I'm dippin with my C's up in the sky
And the East is still my side, I'm a reaper when I ride
F_ck a feature, I don't need a motherf_cker, I'm the guy
I delete 'em, stampede 'em, straight eat 'em like some fries
Get a ketchup, get 'em messed up, turn the heat up let 'em fry
Ain't no different when I'm rippin, pimpin's still up in his prime
TV shows, movie hoes, pimpin's still up on his grind
Man these hoes don't know, I'm workin with a nine
I ain't talkin 'bout a gun, I'm talkin feel it in your spine
when I hit it from behind, if I go up in your mouth
I might hit you in the mind, you know what I'm talkin 'bout
It'll thrill ya, I'm the stealer that'll kill ya with the rhythm of a trigger
Motherf_cker better duck before I hit her, bang!

Dogg-y Dogg, is all, you need
So love, the Dogg, like we, love weed
(Breathe in) Breathe in (breathe out) let it out
(Breathe in) Breathe in (breathe out) let it out
(Breathe in) Breathe in (breathe out) let it out
(Breathe in) Breathe in (breathe out) let it out

[Snoop Dogg]
You n_ggaz mad cause I done came and crept up back up on the scene
This is bye, retire, I'm still spittin gasoline
I'm a gangsta motherf_cker what the f_ck you think that means?
Little n_gga I'm the king, I ain't givin up a thing
If you want it come and take it n_gga, I'll be sittin waitin
Make a patient n_gga got the other ear and I'll bake a n_gga
F_ck it put the gun down, and straight bank a n_gga
Take it n_gga, take it n_gga f_ck, you ain't this n_gga
.. Slow down my turbo flow
.. Inhale my doe-doe smoke
.. Okay I let the fo'-fo' blow
And the po-po know, that's why they on my d_ck
And they at my crib, tryin to find my sh_t
Tryin to search my house, what the f_ck that's 'bout?
I ain't givin up sh_t, you can search that b_tch
I ain't got nuttin Jack; get the f_ck on back

[Chorus - 2X]

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