Neva Left - Snoop Dogg

Dogg, what up, mane?
Word on the streets is you ain't what you used to be

I gang bang to the fullest
A lot of n_ggas talk about it but they really don't do it, do they?
So I'm doin' it for y'all
Marco, I bust, I'ma ruin it for y'all
Stomp that, strap up, mash up
And get it crackin' with the slapper, jacker
Smacker, rapper? Nah n_gga, that ain't me
Gangsta? Yeah n_gga, can't you see?
Rider, like the tonners on my Chevrolet
West Coast, motherf_cker, that's the only way
Yeah homie, what you say?
Home of the Wook, Wok and Gunplay
A lot of homies shoot to J
But most of 'em prefer to shoot the K
Yeah, that's the good life
And where we come from, loc, that's the hood life
Where you mama and daddy
Told to set up out the room while they swingin' the caddy
That's on the set, tats on they neck
Streets sweet with the heat, yep, they stay on deck
I'm dazed and blazed, no confusin', I'm choosin'
This how I was raised
I bring that out and bag it up, no doubt
Swing it out and let it up and bang that out
This Crips, n_gga

That's crazy, cuz
You know my whole life, I wanted to be a gangsta, mane
I used to see my OG home boys at King Park
Ridin' on bikes but they came with they flags on the end
See Stacey Adams, fine woman
That sh_t was fast and late

The Miles Davis of gangbangin' and crack slangin'
Drivin' a fresh rock, run 'em with blocks in 'em
Fresh out the county, I'm boxin' 'em
Moved on up and bought a continental, n_gga, I'm knockin' it
Now I'm rockin' it, '61 blockin' it
If y'all ridin' by, my n_gga, we cockin' it
We poppin' on imposters, fake ass mobsters
East side n_ggas, ain't no stoppin' us
My recipe is treachery
The best in me, n_gga, the West to be
A better place for the one of Ace
Put a 9 millimetre in your f_ckin' face
And let you say your grace before you have a taste
Of reality, set in, yeah, this your fate
Now your homies at your funeral
Plottin' on some get back
But you can't get back 'cause n_gga, you dated
Another sad gangsta story
And usually ones with the territory
No nuts, no glory
No pain, no gain
Life for a n_gga growin' up in the game
This slangin' thang
Drinkin', sell a lil' c_caine
Get locked up for a minute now we in it to win it
Now everybody know me
They watchin' the makings of a real OG

Yeah, they say if you watch somethin' long enough, you'll become it
You know, they say imitation is the best form of flattery
That's what I was told
A lot of n_ggas is imitatin' me 'cause real gangsta sh_t
You ain't cut from it
You dig?

Yeah, scarin' all the white folk
While stayin' on the right note
And you can quote me if you want to
Don't say what you will do, n_gga, what you gon' do?
I'm live in the flesh
Caught him on Imperial left five in his chest
Survive in the west
It's everyday cycle, you never know what might go blam
And how you like me now?
Crip 'til you slip, Mr. Big Bow Wow
Yeah, it's my chance to prance
I got ants in my pants and I needs to dance
I go for broke, no joke
I gotta put my drink down, I'm tryna C walk, loc
See I'ma take off, break off
And make off with the cash
At the pad with, a thick lil b_tch, she super bad

Gangsta, gangsta
Snoop Dogg
48 hunnid
C's up, yeah
Shoot or shout out to my home boys
Harlem 30
Yeah, real sh_t
All my n_ggas on the East coast
6-0's, Eight Tray, Hoovers
Main Street, all my n_ggas in Compton
And the South side, ya dig?
Nutty Blocc
Oh, can't forget them Long Beach n_ggas
East side the same
Rollin 20 Crips
19th Street
West side, you know what's hatnin'
Saten Day, West Coast
North side on the block
All hood, yeah
Crip sh_t

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