Peer Pressure - Snoop Dogg feat Traci Nelson

yea, quit bullsh_ttin and hit him man
hit the sh_t man

if i do if i dont
if i will if i wont
i mix the c with the b and put the g with the ?
got you rapping in school
my n_gga acting a fool
he got suspended now his all alone in his room
playing my cd la-de-da-de
east side sh_t
goldy-lo and big dre d ?
oh you see,
the young homie wanna be me
so ima let em
i hope the home boys dont get em
cos they gone sweat em
gota stay on he deck for that
are you a buster

you gunr get jacked for that
its so real
home boy noe bout pop that pill
dip that, now tell me how does that feel
cant stop gota go hard ?
cant fake n_gga put paper on ?
monkey see monkey do
what i say i do it
if i take one you take two

i just wanr let you ride
peer pressure
get you high
peer pressure
somebodys guna die
peer pressure

s n double o d ?

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