Ride 4 Me - Snoop Dogg

Hey, Hey
Wassup Little Homie,
Yo Big Homie whats goin' down,
Get in n_gga,
Ride, this motha f_cka fresh,
Ya ride with me, I need ya to hit a corner with me,
Lets do this,
Yeah n_gga i know you like dis n_gga, I gonna said you one day up,
Ya this be some gangsta sh_t right here,
Check this out though lil' Homie,
I got this move for ya man,
This s_cka ass n_gga over here,
W we gunna pull up on this n_gga house right here,
N_gga, stay right here,
This n_gga a b_tch man,
Ya you know this n_gga, hes from the hood,
N_gga aint kickin this sh_t,
He got major, major chips,
Check it out though,
I want you to slide up to the do',
When this n_gga open up the do',
Dogg, i want you to go and lay him down,
This n_gga aint gunna do sh_t, hes a b_tch,
You da little homie,
He can't do nothin to you, no where,
Thats on everything,
Now go on in there and handle that sh_t,
I be waitin out here on ya.


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Oh Sh_t


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