Sad But True - Snoop Dogg

Big Snoop Dogg Up In Here
Bout To Rock Out On Ya'll One Time
You Know What Im Talkin Bout
I Want Ya'll To Sing This Right Here
If You Know The Words To This Right Here
Put Your Hands In The Air
C'mon Sing Along With Me
C'mon Ya'll


Hey, Hey
Im Your Life
Im The One Who Takes You There

Hey, Hey Im Your Life
Im The One Who Cares

Say What!

Hey, Hey
They Betray
Im Your Only True Friend Now

They, They
They Betray
Im Forever There

[Verse 1:]
Dream, Make It Real
Im Your Eyes When You Are Still
Im Your Pain When You Cant Feel
Its Sad But True
Bounce Bounce Bounce C'mon Yall
Sad But True
Metallica Sing It Baby

Yea Yea Yea

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