See Ya When I Get There - Snoop Dogg feat C-Murder, Mystikal

For all them young n_ggas that didn't quite make it to another year

To all my thugs in the grave
This one is for my homies and my thug n_ggas
A bunch of used to be paranoid drug dealers
A bout 'it motherf_cker standing on the block
Ain't no limit to his heart, cause his veins is non-stop
And constantly a n_gga catching them cases
With them death situations
A n_gga blast with no hesitation
Mama I wanna now where my daddy at
My only memory is a picture with a chrome gat
I wanna do, like them gangsters do
I wanna gangster walk
I caught a bullet now I'm in some chalk
Just another young n_gga in a song
Mama always told me gangster's don't live long
After I'm dead can you still see me
Do you really want to be me
I'm just another bossaline
I represent all them n_ggas trying to get paid
But couldn't be saved
Huh, y'all now what I'm talking about

[Chorus: C-Murder and Snoop Dogg]
To all my thugs in the grave
See ya when I get there
See ya when I get there [ repeat 4X ]

Ride n_gga till I deduct
Them things die n_gga for f_ck
Fly. fly n_gga
Since you absent I'ma tilt the bottle
hit the weed and get high for my n_gga
My partner my n_gga
My round in my trigger
From the little sh_t I remember you was a down ass n_gga
I'm mad i missed sh_t you could have showed me (f_ck)
Sh_t still ain't the same even though my mama told me
I keep your memories in my endeavors (n_gga)
Thank you for being my daddy, thank you for what you left us
I swear to protect, and the only way to carry on, is carry on
My n_gga little Mike, my n_gga G-Slim, and my cousin Larry gone
I ain't trying to question God, but why so young
That's why from daylight to night time I got my gun
This f_cking thing we call life ain't nothing but a phase
That's why you better keep your faith,or you're that thug in the grave

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

[Snoop Dogg]
Rest in peace khaki's creased
From the east side of Long Beach
Pouring out liquor, thinking about my homie
Cause I can't understand how it went down
We used to clown from town to town
Claiming dogg pound
Took you on lollapalooza with a n_gga
L0Dog you my n_gga
If you don't get no bigger
Spanky Loco from the the dub, and Little Man from the I
Dear God why them good n_ggas have to die
I can't reminisce too long
Cause I'm in a war zone
If I sleep, slip, trip I might get blasted on
So I'm gone mash on home
but on the way I see some of my enemies
And they tripping on me
Cause I f_ck with Master P
But I;m heated, so beat it
And another 87 case, I really don't need it
Proceeded, I ain't gone cry for the homie
Sh_t we gone celebrate
Cause we now the homeboy is in a safer and better place

[Chorus: repeat 3X]

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