Too Black - Snoop Dogg

Do you think it is by accident that everytime

a black leader appears on the horizon

with any kind of cleverness, or charisma he's cut down?

Malcom, Martin, Leadkur, I want you to arm yourself

And I've asked Josh to be your bodyguard

All right Dason

It might be good for Joshua to seal, like he has somethin' to do

So detatched from us, these are only for you

(Snoop Dogg)
Damn, cool, good, so good, gotta do wrong

so cold should... gotta do wrong

(Chorus: Snoop Dogg)

It seems like I gotta do wrong before they notice me

The world is filled with so much jealousy

You don't know who to trust cause you might get shot

(Snoop Dogg)

You might get got, and you might not

Make it to see a whole 'nother day, you better

watch your hand and watch how you play
Cause you don't know how the system might get you twisted

if you don't pay attention, and you'll come up missin'

I'ma give it to you - live and direct

Cause I know, a million n_ggas doin' bad and they check
They game every day but they try to find a way

But somehow, some way, there ain't no pay (uh)

It's the same game, from my town to your town
from L.A. to Chi-Town, Baghdad (that's right)

To the rebel we deliver the true game

And n_ggas gettin' upset cause they can't maintain (player haters)

Don't get mad cause I was blessed with a gift

To give you people what you need and no more deep sh_t (that's right)

Lit up, get up, sit up, I write it

Then I, put you all in the mood, you invited

So come on down and party with the pound (come on)
You ain't never heard a n_gga come around and put it down

Just like the Soopa-Doopa, with no Woopers

Guranteed to comin' through the party, see you visual cooper

Take her to my criz-zay, what you dizzy-in'

I ain't gonna discuss this, no more about to bust it
And when I do it, I'm gonna touch it, no discussion

It's Snoop Dogg, I got some languages aimin' for the Russians
and the overseas g's, please

Let me get you one of these with another ill beat (number two)

I gots to do ya, like ya never been done

It's Snoop Dogg representin' Funk-2-1

I'm about the gee-ist of 'em all

Can you name a rapper who can fade the dog - hell nah

And if you can - you're lyin' to yourself
And if you lyin', you're dryin' with your cover

And if you dyin, you f_ckin' with your death

I'm Snoop Dogg and I'm the top rapper, at the top of the shelf

I leave these s_ckers in amazement, dazement

And Death Row is still the label that pays me

(Chorus: Snoop Dogg)

Seems like I gotta do wrong before they notice me

This world is filled with so much jealousy

I don't know who to trust cause
if I trust hey I might, end up shot (end up shot, hmm)

(Snoop Dogg)

I turn to the left and I turn to the right

I see some motherf_ckers 'bout to have a fight (whassup, whasssup?)

What should I do? (should I do) Should I watch, uh?

Or should I jump in? Or should I come with the glock?

I knocks on the door, plus "Oh No"

I gots to avoid the drama and take the slow-mo

type of approach - I'm the team and the coach

I hooks a left turn - no burn, for your concern, you gots to learn

Cause Snoop is on the mic and I'ma give you what you earned

And if you get it, watch me spit it
I'm commited to do it and I'm a still aquitted

Never ever did it, or forget it

This guranteed to keep the party hittin'

And I'ma give you people what you need

And I'ma smoke up on just like a bag of weed

And if you into the mixture and into the rapture

Just sit back and listen cause Snoop Dogg's about to catch ya

Snatch ya and adapt ya with the sh_t that I got (hmm-hmm)
I'm guranteed to rock the party non-stop (that's right)

You ain't never heard a rapper who can flip this script
Guranteed to make the hoe's go ahead and get whipped

And when they stop rockin' - they won't
But if you fake the funk (youse a punk), then youse a punk (haha)

You gots to keep it real with yourself baby boy (boy)

Cause if you don't then you ain't labelled "The Real McCoy"

I'm Snoop Dogg, yes I'm true indeed

I'm guranteed to light it up and ride it up and side it up

I'm guarnteed to, do my thing

Everybody in the party if ya down to bang - sing
What'cha wanna do, what ya gots to

Cause this is somethin' to rock you

(Chorus: Snoop Dogg)
Seems like I gotta do wrong before they notice me

This world is filled with so much jealousy

I don't know who to trust cause

if I trust either I might, end up shot or (end up shot, hmm)

Seems like, (seems like), seems like, (seems like)

I gotta do wrong

Seems like, (seems like, uh), I gotta do wrong

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