Toyz N Da Hood - Snoop Dogg feat Bootsy Collins

Ah, check 1 yeah, we going back to the hip hop shower
Non stopping, ?the dj's use the turn tables like gods
We're just having fun and nobody gets shot
? whre's my lady ?
Now we're moving far to hip hop and phone
With snoop and bootsy it's a musical lyric
Just like you're one strip
?heaven saw all our b_tch
I don't know your name but I think I want a kiss, yeah
I know you're fine like the wine I drink
?baby can I get a second chance to make a first impression
So baby opportunity, yeah
I pop these ? like I pop mc's
I never need a ride cause I carry my own keys
And if you wanna hang with us, telling is all good now

All we do around here is playing with our toys
Swing now and get that ? off your face
All we doing around here is ? you in the face
Swing down, let me hear you all say
Party in the place, party in the place
That's all we do around here baby
? party in the place
You know it's our ? get that ? off your face
Party in the place, party in the place
I just sipping on Jimmy Chus, trying to catch up with mother goose
Yes she got that golden egg,
And now she jumping all in my head
A snoopadellic bubble.

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