Tru Tank Dogs - Snoop Dogg feat Mystikal

[Mystikal talking]
We been holding back to motherfukin long
N_gga f_ck the dumb sh_t
It's time to represent n_gga
It's time to represent n_gga
It's time to let you n_ggas now man

I'm the conscious in the toolbox that's coming for the carpenter
I'm the mirror and the comb clipping the scissors that come from the
barber ??? the godfather
I'm one of the brand new number 2 pencils out the pencil sharpener
I'm the scarlet water out the delta faucet
I'm the rhyming I'm the artist
I'm vomit in the toilet
I'm the comet when it charges
I'm the drama in New Orleans
I'm the vegetables that grow in the garden
All the weeds, dope,and coke at the parties
I'm the M.I.C.H.A.E.L Tyler
I'm the loud blackka, blackka, wakka, wakka coming rom behind yah
I'm the stitches of the shirt that make the polo man trill inside the
I'm the bells on trigger man
Who? me that's who
I'm the voice in the microphone coming from the booth
I'm the ground when you think
I'm the file on the shank
I'm the pile in the bank
I'm the round off the tank

[Chorus Mystikal and Snoop]
I'm that n_gga Mystikal
And I'm the Dogg
That's that n_gga
I like to hustle and ball
We them n_ggas
Yeah tru tank dogs
They them n_ggas
You don't want to f_ck wit at all [repeat 1X]
Knuckle up n_gga, knuckle up n_gga
If you sleeping I'm sneaking buckle up n_gga
Knuckle up n_gga, knuckle up n_gga
If you sleeping I'm trippin buckle up n_gga

[Snoop Dogg]
I'm in a club in New Orleans
Just got finished eating a patch of chicken wings and some collard
I'm down south in the house straight turning it out
Got b_tches in my face and I can slap they mouth
With all the sh_t that they be tweaking
N_gga be speaking
Game leaking, but I'm streaking
Snoop Dogg ain't leaking
My game tough and tight
See ain't nothing like
This G-sh_t n_gga
LBC sh_t n_gga
I'm feeling I'ma fall of in this club tonight
Where my old lady at, I'm trying to find a fight
In this motherf_cker mad drunk, stupid and sh_t
Ready to take off on this moteherf_ckin' trick ass b_tch
Old p_ssy ass n_gga o\looking at ne strange
like he don't know what gang i claim
I'ma doggpound gangsta till i fall off the planet
God damnit, don't take it for granted biatch

[Chorus repeat 2X]

Biatch get your ming right mind right, get your mind right repeat [4X]
Boot up, or shut up
P_ssy ass n_gga
Put your set up,or shut up
b_tch ass n_gga repeat [3X]
Where they at ho repeat [6X]

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