White Boyz - Snoop Dogg feat T-Bo

[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah wassup my n_gga?
I'm sittin here chillin with my n_gga Kurupt and we sayin
I mean it ain't no hard motherf_ckin whiteboys in the rap game dog
You know? No disrespect (that's right)
That n_gga Slim Shady is tight than a muh'f_cka though (yeah that's true)
But we want a n_gga to come with some GANGSTA sh_t
You feel me?

I went from rags to riches, to hittin these hoes and switches
Duckin snitches, and these money hungry b_tches
So you want a dollar? Well baby I can't holla
You ain't gettin sh_t, from the break a b_tch scowlin scowlin
Not even a penny, homegirl you ain't gettin any
Oh by the way... you're too f_ckin skinny
Why don't you go weep, and wash your stankin ass feet
while my vogues burn, up and down the street
Eatin steak and shrimp, got my name on a blimp
Walk with a limp, cause I'm a motherf_ckin pimp
My diamonds is blindin yeah candy paint out shinin
Got yo' b_tch chasin me, while yo' old lady two-timin
Whether you mobbin in buckets, or roll in a Benz
Keep yo' eyes on yo' enemies, seperate yo' foes from yo' friends
F_ckin models, drinkin Alize by the bottles
Eleven hundred ??, and my hand's on the throttle

Chorus: Snoop Dogg (paraphrasing Masta Ase "Jeep Ass Niguh") 2X

White boy, white boy, turn that sh_t down
You know that America ain't ready for the sound
from dem white boyz.. (white boyz) white boyz.. (white boyz)
White boyz.. (white boyz) white boyz.. (white boyz)

[Snoop Dogg]
I'm high 'n a motherf_cker, perv on the curve
F_ckin with this white boy, slangin my herb
D.P.G. to the fullest young cuz
My homeboy Ricky said, "Show me some love!"
He got the club with this fool named T-Bo
From the Dirty South, gold's in his mouth, my peoples
All of my homies from the L.B.C.
All my white homies who smoke with me
Sell me bud on the weekdays cause
this sh_t's for y'all, from me and my doggz
If you don't know you do know T-Bo my new dog
F_ck what you goin through, we bout to f_ck it up y'all

Chorus: T-Bo says first line with Snoop (1X only)

You know who I wanna be, that white boy, that everybody talk about
The one that's tearin up shows, f_ckin these hoes, representin the South
Eyes bare-ly open, laid back in the Cadillac tokin
Them hoes talkin bout ridin with me and Snoop the b_tches must be jokin
Toke smoke, up the block and glock stay cocked so you must get busted
And my city's hotter than a corner full of hustlers
Twelve slappin, trunk rattlin, and when you yappin we in a gun battle
When you talkin the talk, we walkin the walk
So stay in yo' house when after dark
We bark and we bite, ??
Knuckle up in the club to push and shove til everybody starts to fightin
You might think the sh_t's funny, but fool we ain't actin
You bout that yappin? We bout that action and scratchin
Playin for keeps, screamin take it to the streets
Camouflaged down, with them soles on my feet
And up in the club, thugs push and they shove
And you won't know who's a killer, so you betta watch who you mug

[Snoop Dogg]
B_tch get your mind right, get your mind right
B_tch get your mind right, get your mind right
Yeah, white boyz up in the motherf_cker
My n_gga T-Bo!


[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah that sh_t funky dog
That's what I'm talkin bout
My n_gga T-Bo, Dirty South all up in this b_tch
(We No Limit Soldiers, we No Limit Soldiers)
Yeah, Dogghouse Production
Dogghouse wreckin, bow wow
(white white white white white boyz)
That's how we doin it for the nine-nine
White boyz, yeah we f_ckin with whiteboys in ninety-nine
cause they f_ckin with us
It's a game of death


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