Somebody Else - Sofia Loell

Lyrics & Music: Sofia Loell/Johan Gl?ssner

Somebody else, somebody else X2

She dresses up at night, with only him in sight
she's wearing high heels and high confidence
her face is all a smile, her walk is full of hope
she's walking straight ahead to him asking for a dance
oh, she is too naive, she's too blind to receive
the hidden message in his eyes
"I want you for tonight and then you can leave"

(She was) just too young to know, too young to see
she was just a game to him anyway
I don't know what to say I don't know what to think

She's sitting home alone, just waiting by the phone
she can only think of him and their wonderful night
her friends have gone away, cause she had nothing to say
oh she really wanna know, is he thinking of her too
is he feeling just as blue as her
oh she's so innocent, so new to the world

She was just too young...

Oh she really ought to be with
Somebody else, somebody else

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