Music Was Saved - Starsailor

If life is a carnival
Can I stay here a while?

And I feel I'm about to go down
About to down

If love is a Ferris wheel
Can I see how I feel?
She's taking me up
But she don't even care to go down
Care to go down

Oh my friends, we landed in December
It is something for you to remember
Rushes were made and music was saved
One two three she's riding up to heaven
Four five six and right up to eleven
Rushes were made, and music was saved

Back on the ground again
Excuses are wearing thin
They came with the band
But they're out with the winter for now
Losing it now

Remember when I was young
Trying to be someone
Boy on his heels
I was never the toast of the town
Look at me now

Chorus x 2

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