So Do I Say Sorry First? - Stephanie Mcintosh

So welcome to my nightmare,
My heaven and my hell
This passionate contradiction
Of bittersweet is where i dwell
You choose a day like today
To get me real upset
The more i love you
More i hate you
More it scares me to death

I can't keep fighting this battle with you
I can't hear words when you scream like you do
If i cry will you hold me just like we rehearsed?
So do i
So do i say sorry first?

I'm flawed
I'm so imperfect
But i ain't insecure
Your jealous heat is poisoned
Tell me how could I trust you more?


Sometimes i think we feel too much
too deep
this all-consuming love
Can't breathe
so angry
so frustrated
How we get here?

Hear me
And listen to what i say
From my heart
And i swear to you that wont change
i hope you learn to trust somebody...


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