Chica Me Tipo - Sublime

No me importa que ser?a. (It doesn't matter to me what it would be)
Porque todo se quitar? (Because everything will go away)
Ay no puedo verlo (I can't see you)
Ni en pintura (Not even in paint)


Cuando empecemos, no me di? cuenta (When we started, I didn't realize)
De que luego, tuviera que pagar (That later I would have to pay)
Pero, se dice tambi?n (but, it is also said)
Me muera acostarme con ti (I'm dying to lay down with you)
Con ti (with you)

No me propongo predicar (I don't propose to preach)
Vive y dejar vivir (Live and let live)
Pero el amigo (But a friend)
Es un cond?n en el bolsillo (Is a condom in your pocket)

Yo no soy m?dico, no soy chapocero (I'm not a doctor, I'm not a joker)
Solamente soy pobre, y ya estoy tan solo (I'm just poor, and now I'm so lonely)
Pero si se cambie (But if she changes)
Ella ser?a la mia (She will be mine)
Para ser poseido en propeidad (To be possesed as property)
en propeidad (As property)

I've got to get alive with you
Whoa I cannot do?
I will lay down anytime with her
with her.

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