Q-Ball - Sublime

and I'm through, gonna f_ck with you,
then I say what the f_ck with you?
And I'm out for the nine-duce n_ggas.

(Too $hort)
comin' with, this is nine-tre, still bad ass lynchin'
muthaf_ckin' Q-Ball and my n_gga Brad,
with the funky reggae style, check it out.
Bad ass, comin' once again, I'ma shock ya,
Don't try to step, cuz I'm the rocka.
Listen I'm the n_gga, bad ass on the cut.
Don't try to step, I'll shoot your ass, I'll go nuts.
Steppin' is his strength, Q-Ball got somthin' to say,
he's up next, white chowder don't play.


I come too dope, I'm kickin' the cash.
Because I clash, I gash.
The buck-shots hit your ass when you duck.
N_gga rains be supreme...

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