Still Waiting - Sum 41

So am I still waiting
for this world to stop hating
can't find a good reason
can't find hope to believe in

Drop dead a bullet to my head
your words are like a gun in hand
you can't change the state of the nation
we just need some motivation
these eyes have seen not conviction
just lies and more contradiction
so tell me me what would you say
I'd say its time too late


Ignorance and understanding
we're the first ones to jump in line
out of step for what we believe in
but who's left to stop the bleeding?
how far will we take this,
it's not hard to see through the fakeness
so tell me what would you say?
I'd say it's time too late


this can't last forever
time won't make things better
I feel so alone
can't help myself
noone knows if this is worthless tell me
what have we done
with a war that can't be won
this can't be real
cause I don't know what to feel


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