Early June Blues - Sun Kil Moon

How do I live to be a hundred, baby?
To make sure that you grow old with me
And if we grow old, who'll be the one to stay when the other is gone?
And besides us no longer wakes up
Who'll be the one to go on after this bond we share
This beautiful romance together
And live without the other on planet disaster
We shared a few tears, but there's so much more happiness and that's all what matters

Oh, there is smoke up in the sky from the refinery
I can see it from where I recline in my balcony chair
There's a little black and white cat down there
By the picnic table he sees me and I see him
He's unaware to pollution
He's down in the weeds half asleep sniffing from the pollen
For those of you, who can't find love and are unhappy
I send you a ton
Try not to fear human connection
Somebody's out there for you
Just put your phone down
Get outside, start walking
Forget that ghost in the fog, cyber trolling
Find a (?) without the look in the eyes that says:
"Can't wait to be (?)"
Who kinda sees the goodness in you
And you can make each other smile
A person who would drop everything
And someone who you loved at

On the TV there is some news
A china town shooter was on the loose
They caught him down near (?) and pacific
Hiding out in a place where I occasionally get my hair cut
And the other night when Muhammed Ali died
You arrived there by my side
And I was up, up, up all night
In a state and my stomach was tight
Watching the old film clips of the young and not so young Louisville (?)
Listening to Don Kings spirited insights
And George Foremans thoughts on Muhammed Ali are always a delight
And Kenny Norton ain't around to share no words, though he brake Alis jaw
And Frazier is also gone, but not Leon
Yeah, I wish to talk to Leon Spinks
Ali put em on the map and I'd like to hear what Leon Spinks thinks

Oh, everyday there's more bad news
Around the corner suicide bombers
Planes disappear in the sea
A (?) I also see
The swaying eucalyptus trees
And coming August you will see
(?) and full bloom (?)
Life ain't always good but many times it is, folks

Oh, the light pulls in your room
From over the hill and I am gloom
On my bed to your soft couch
But pretty soon I must fly
I won't be back until the end of July
When I gotta go, my hearts get heavy
And it cries

Oh, how I hate these damn goodbyes
But playing music is my life
Food and water and music is what I need to stay alive

This year is gonna find me in Beijing
And Buenos Aires and South Dakotas Rapid City
And Omaha and Tucson and Phoenix
And Pluto and Mars
And Saturn and Venus
But my favorite place to be is with you in my house
Which faces west
You're coming over tonight
It's foggy and cold
I hope the answer is yes

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