Back up Offa Me - Talib Kweli

N_ggas always wanna cheak u, make sure u keepin it real niggga
Im over here doing me, you do u, come on

[(chanting) + talib kweli]

(Back up offa me)ah high tec
(Back up offa me)why dont you get outta ma face
(Back up offa me)betta stay on your place
(Back up offa me)stand up !! ah how much can i take u need to jus
(Back up offa me)(Back up offa me)(Back up offa me)
(Back up offa me)i got money to make not a minuite to waste
(Back up offa me)need space what im tryna' create u need to jus
(Back up offa me)(Back up offa me)(Back up offa me)

I know he aint talkin this , this is grown men's business
Be your own man stand on your own feet
I thought we were homies, but now u coming at me acting like you dont know me
You think u do but your proberly wrong
Im surrounded by more babies than Ashanti's song
Aww baby !! i know you dont get it
Tryna' walk into ma shoes i know you won't fit in
Just coz i know you and your flow too
This mo too, and you wont get it, i dont owe you
You want high tec to do a record for you
So n_ggas do checkup for you,
Comfortable, coz n_ggas get respected for you
Get your own respect dude that aint mean it evil
Aint no crutches in no crew, my crew is crued equal
Sh_t was cool when we was teenagers we grown men,
You my people but
I dont need you moanin and groanin i cant feed you, i already gotta kid
Tell a n_gga try to regulate some sh_t thats not his
Im not tryna' sign im not an artist n_gga
Im jus tryna' rhyme and go the hardest n_gga


S_ckas never play me coz i dont let em
They like a pimp, on they hoe sweat em
When i do a show i love to catch a ladies eye
Thas a paperatsie's eye i dont wanna see no lady die
Sports, entertainment, academics, business and politics
Fine hoes swollow d_cks, for dollas quick
Young boys roll up in gangs like young lords
Jump off statutory rape and now your done for
What you thought that shawrty about to act a rage(nope)
Right now somebody's daughter is backstage
Its a master's label relationship and guess who told me
Its the white girl from Colarada and guess who Kobe
Try to tell you not to fall with this everytime
Thats more cobie beef than Japanese restaurants
Dont need these disease and case's ain't tryna catch nuttin'
And when they throwing p_ssy best believe you catchin' sum'thing


Yeah man what he on back up offa me, n_gga he think can talk about me , nahimsayin !!and i
Know n_gga be talkin about me man,nahimsayin !! who u think put him on !! i put him on !!TALIB
THAT WHATS BE HIS RAP NAME OR SSOMETHING LIEK THAT!!n_gga's name was Henry Abernafy, thas what
His real name is
Henry Abernafy fitty first he gonna get that money. i gotta book of rhymes but i
Gotta book of rhymes
Nahimsyain!! BACK UP OFF ME !! he need to back up off me.look im serious if he come round the
Block, if he come
Back round the block in my lines of ma grocery store, im tellin him right now soon as i bag his
U know what im sayin imma take imma take it liek a like a snape a bottle
And just crack accross his forehead and i be liek YEAH !! TALIB !! AKA HENRY ABERNAFY !! huh !!

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