Everything Man - Talib Kweli

They say you can't please everybody
Let's go
Ey, Dave you know what that sound like

Feel the heart beat, feel the heart beat
On your ear drum we got a new heart beat
Feel the heart beat, feel the heart beat
On your ear drum we got a new heart beat

[Verse 1]
Yo, what becomes of a dream differed?
That never makes it to the world to be seen or heard?
Do it breathe, do it got a heart beat?
Is it alive, do it live only to be a star in the sky?
I believe, scratch that, I know
This ain't my full potential
Only using ten percent of my mental on instrumental
But incidentally my, energy heavenly
Can it be so ill, there ain't no pill or remedy
The maker of memories posses the recipe to your fate
Make no mistake there no escaping your destiny
Especially wed 'till death do us part like wedding rings
I'll be here forever, put that on everything


[Verse 2]
Your Alpha and your Omega
Your beginning and your end
Your father, your brother, your lover, your friend
The blood in your vain that gets spilt and runs in the drain
That's right my flow the one in the same
The joy and the pain
My name
The burner that destroy the toy in the train
All city, all night, I'm enjoying the fame
I'm a hustla, I'm a gangsta, and a rebel
With the rank of a general in the battle between God and the devil
I lay claim to your spirit, your religion, your belief system
I do your hit and your catching and your relief pitching
Just keep official in every position
The man in your dreams and your nightmares, the man in your visions too
It's quite clear like light beer
Yea I'm standing right here
I get you hot but stay cooler than the night air
I try to fit it in the same rhyme but realize I can't be everything to everyone at the same time


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