Good to You - Talib Kweli

Come on

Yo Yo
Ayo my silent moments, loud as the crack of thunder
My hunger is like the crocodile that attacks the hunter
It ain't commercial or underground, its true cause I
(wanna be good to you)

Call it skill, call it game, call it glow, call my name
Like the lord, all in vein, screaming like you all in pain
Treat it like a drug, all up in ya vain cause (wanna be good to you)

[Verse 1]
We make the squares dance, and get the do like dotsey
Y'all n_ggaz roll with p_ssy-cats like Josey
All spoiled rotten like ghetto groceries yo
I clutch the mic like ya grandma clutch her rosary yo
Swooping the industry, like a bird to prey
My stance has got stamina, ya verses lack vertebrae
I heard them say I was a conscious rapper
But I'm a monster when I hafta smack the sh_t out of a nonsense actor
Using my 'hands solo' and I don't need chewy
Over your head like Yamakas and Koofies yo
F_ck the screen gems y'all n_ggaz act in B movies
Type of n_ggaz proud to be groupies
Followers in the herd running over the cliff
I'm the +Buffalo Soldier+, smoke ya like a dread like rasta
blowing the spliff, loading a clip to spit high
Like you holding blow in a stolen whip, rolling the strip
Looking to hit cops, now that's a 4 alarm
Black queen falling on my arms, you could call it charm
Mater fact call it what you want, its up to you bro
(wanna be good to you)

[Chorus (1x)]

[Verse 2]
How many n_ggaz ever been in love'
How many n_ggaz really think they thugs
And can't think without the drink and drugs
How many n_ggaz can't get in with hats and sneakers on
Say 'f_ck security' and get inside and keep them on
How many n_ggaz think that gats make the weaker strong
Can't do for self and wanna snatch the plate you eating on
That don't take heart, slave, n_gga play ya part
I'd rather jump over board n_gga, face the sharks
We stay doing it, later for the conversation
Hammers is cocked and waiting, n_ggaz is not debating
We ain't got the patience You found popping sh_t
Come in to town just to run you down like poppa ditch
And dig a proper ditch, you lying like a politician
Your proposition meets opposition like contradictions
Get out my house, you ain't no real representative
I make it happen, you ain't official, you tentative
N_ggaz is sensitive, see how they catching feelings
It's so hot, the sweat rise and it wet the ceiling
Barracuda, Spitkicker n_gga that's the crew (wanna be good to you)

Whoo! (yeaahh)
Come on
Low ride

[Verse 3]
N_ggaz be claiming sh_t, find a gangsta movie, put
they name in it, biting like there ain't no shame in it
You the hardest on the beat, I'm the fire that you playing with
You a artist from the street, I'll give you the blood to paint it with
So yeah I'm positive, I'm positive I'm the best
Spit bullets to split ya vest and deposit them in ya chest
Dark is the flesh on my bones, calling Brooklyn home
Hang up on n_ggaz like 'I want you to meet my n_gga tone, word
Leave me alone like Michael Jackson
Or there will be more than b_tterflies in your stomach
waiting to see what happens
You see me out, know that my crew is flawless
So called gangstas need more security than the Rawkus office
Yo, I thought you bust ya gun
You just a big joke, thinking you a Big Pun
Yo, Kayne this is the big one (wanna be good to you)
me and my n_ggaz having big fun

[Bridge (1x)]

[Chorus (1x)]

Come on,
BK and
BX and
Q boro and
Manhattan and
Harlem n_ggaz and
Long Island
Wanna be good to you you you come on! (wanna be good to you)
The whole world rocking
Yo the whole world rocking
Ayo uhh

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