Unstoppable - Taylor Dayne

sweet love b_ttercup i wanna drink you up
slowly from the fountain
spring time summer rain like a hurricane
that's blowin' all around me
cause everything you do makes me feel so good
and everything you say takes me far away
everybody needs somebody to sqeeze
and i just wanna be that somebody need


you put me on the top turn me all around
shakin' me all up you're takin' me down
it's unstoppable my love for you
just put me in your heart don't put me on a shelf
i'll give you all i've got to you and no one else
it's unstoppable my love for you

everywhere you go all of the ladies know
what you have to offer
you're the kind of guy who makes 'em feel alright
and i know why they're talkin'
cause nobody can do exactly what you do
nobody comes near what you give to me
baby open up all of you i want
all of you i need to reach that estacy


ahhhhhh ahhhhhh


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