Wait For Me - Taylor Dayne

no one could ever
keep you satisfied
and if i had a crystal ball
i'd show you all the future hides
but for now
take a little time to know me
i swear i'm not stringin' you along
i might be driving you crazy
but i wouldn't steer you wrong
i would steer you wrong

wait for me boy
if we take it slow
we'll discover something greater
wait for me boy
you know i'll give in sooner or later
wait for me boy wait for me

you say your clock
it's running on the overtime
but you know
it takes a lot to
get into this heart of mine
don't you know
ever minute the feeling gets stronger
quick love is not my style
hold on just a little bit longer
i'll make it worth your while
i'll make it worth your while


take mein your arms so near
just hold me and i'll lose my fears
it's just a matter of time
for me and you
if you want my love
all you got to


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