Emaculation - Tegan and Sara

you know i'd love to see you
even more all the time
i'm dragging you down and backwards
and upside down
when you leave me here i'm begging
can't you see i'm more than

i know i'm not the only one
who needs you like i do
and i know i'm not the only one
who loves you like i do

always understanding
you look good to me
does it make it all
does it hold you still to it
does it make you wonderful
and if i go off the track
will you wait for me
will you wait

and you're so amazing
so amazing to me
and you wait looking lonely
i ache it along you
fortune it moves you
she's going to let you hold you

my head to you,
my arms bend forward
the strength i give
the places i've never been
and now i'm so scared
tell me won't you hold my hand
and i'm trying so hard
i don't wanna let you down

god will let you in
when there ain't no place to turn
i was without you
i was with you

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