Cock Pushups - Tenacious D

KG: Do you think that um, do you think that when the album, when this is out...
JB: Yeah?
KG: Do you think it will make us um, more attractive to the ladies?
JB: Pshh, yeah, in fact, I been getting ready.
KG: Yeah?
JB: Yeah, I been doin cock pushups.
KG: Cock Pushups?
JB: Yeah.
KG: What are those?
JB: Its where you f_ckin lay down flat on the ground.
KG: Yeah...
JB: And then you let your boner lift you up off the ground.
KG:, that's, that'd be impossible. Your cock can support your whole
JB: Well not at first...
KG: Yeah?
JB: But over time.
KG: many pushups can you do?
JB: ...cock pushups?
KG: Yeah...I guess, you could only do one really.
JB: Yeah, well one is all ya need

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