Cosmic Shame - Tenacious D

So, um...

If I was just gonna say one thing to y'all tonight...
I'd say, set the artist free.
I'm talking about this artist in here, set it free.
I'm saying, quit your day job.
Now, I know a lot of you people here, you're saying,
"I can't quit my day job. I've got kids to feed, Jack."
Quit your day job.

Focus on your craft, one time, before it's all over,
you've died, you've squandered it.
You f_ckin' robots!

Now after a couple years of you focusing earnestly on your craft,
K.G. and I will swoop in, we will check out your progress,
and we will encourage you to continue!
Or we will say stop.
And then seriously, you must stop,
Or penalties will be created and enforced.

Cause listen...
This is the problem...

Sometimes you follow your heart,
sometimes your heart cuts a fart.
That's the cosmic shame.

That's the cosmic shame.

And I know what you are saying now,
what makes you guys so f_cking good?

I don't f_ckin' know,
and I don't like it!

I stay up going F_CK!
Why can't everybody f_ckin' have it?

Cause this is the thing...
Some people learn it on the streets.
Some people learn it in the schools.
Me and K.G., we were f_cking born with it, homes...

Check it out.

That sh_t came off the top of my f_ckin' head y'all!

Oh God!


It's a cosmic shame!

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