Drive-Thru - Tenacious D

Jack: Cage

Kyle: Yeah

Jack: Let's Go To This Drive-Thru

Kyle: Oh good im starving

Guy: May I help you?

Jack: Yeah um

Guy: Hello?

Jack: Uh

Guy: Can I have your order?

Jack: Yeah hold on a second. I'm looking at the menu

Guy: Ok

Jack: uh mm

Guy: would you like special curly fries

Jack: please dont dont offer me anything. ill ill tell you what i want.

Guy: ok

Jack: um ok. You know how you go the 6 piece nuggets

Guy: 6.. 6 piece nuggets

Jack: just a can you just give me just 4 nuggets
I'm I'm trying to

Guy: they come in 6 and 12 piece. Do you want service?

Jack: shut up and listen to my order. Take the 6 nuggets and throw 2 of them away. Im just wantin my 4 nugget thing. I'm trying to watch my calorie intake.

Guy: they come in 6 and 12 piece please drive up

Jack: Put 2 of them up your ass and give me 4 chicken mcnuggets

Guy: alright you want 6 piece nuggets. Would you..

Jack: then um can i have a Junior Western bacon chee. A Junior Western bacon chee. Im trying to watch my figure

Guy: Western bacon cheese burger

Jack: A Junior Western bacon chee

Guy: would you like that with onions?

Jack: no onions

Guy: ok

Jack: umm

Guy: Okay, Junior Bacon Chee...Total is $6.57

Jack: Okay, and I'm gonna go with a fillet of fish sandwich, since that has less calories, 'cuz it's fish.

Guy: Fillet of Fish...

Jack: Now if you could take a Coca-Cola, and just go half Coca-Cola, half Diet Coke...'cuz I'm tryin to watch my figure...Tryin to loose some of the weight.

Guy: You want half Coca-Cola, half...

Jack: Um, and a SMALL, a SMALL Chocolate Shake. Because I'm tryin to watch my figure, not a large, a small.

Guy: It come's in medium-small or medium-large.

Jack: Um...

Guy: Small Chocolate Shake.

Jack: Also a small seasoned-curlies

Guy: Seasoned-curlies...

Jack: Small, seasoned-curlies.

Guy: Okay I got the small seasoned-curlies...western bacon cheeseburger...

Jack: Okay, uh...F_ck my ass, what else? Give me, uh...alright. Cherries Jubilee
and that's it.

Guy: Cherries Jubilee.

Jack: Wait, Kage, what do you want?

Kyle: Ah...Jeez, let me have a...I think I want the regular, uh, western bacon-cheeseburger, Large shake, um...

Jack: Oh God! Come on with the order.

Kyle: I'm...

Jack: Take forever.

Kyle: That's all I want. That's all I want...

Jack: good. How much is that sir?

Guy: That'll be, uh, $14.75. At the window please, will you drive up?

Jack: Do you have any money?

Kyle: Oh shoot, um, oh god. Yeah, I you have s...I got like...

Jack: Give it to me.

Kyle: Alright, here.

Jack: Okay, we only have, uh...alright. I'm gonna need to cancel the last two
things on the order. Okay, thank you, let's go.
(Motor Sounds)

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