In Our Lifetime - Texas

In Our Lifetime

There are things
I can't tell you
I love you too much to say
I stand undressed
But I'm not naked
You look at me and who I am

* Understand that it is hard to tell you
That I've given all I have to give
And I can understand your feelings
But then everybody has a life to live

** Once in a lifetime
You have seen what I've seen
You will always swim for shore
Once in my lifetime
I'll never be in between
Some things you just can't ignore

Now reach out
You can touch me
I'll let you have my life to share
Years, the days
And the minutes
Yeh time has such a puzzling grace

[Repeat * , **]

I just need to have your love
I just can't say no
It's a gift from way above
I just can't say no
It's the one big difference
If there's one thing I can have

[Repeat **]

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