Road Signs and Rock Songs - The Ataris

post cards on the floor
but this pen cant write loneliness no more.
waking up all alone
on the opposite side of the coast.

i'm commited to insecurity and you.
and love is overated .
it leaves you devistated
heart ripped in two

roadside state of mind
boulevard of broken dreams washed out this time
after time i was lost and looking
but knew i'd never find
what is mine in a world thats so unkind.

and love is overated.
it leaves you devistated.

the only things i know are
road signs and rock songs and lonley hotel rooms.
but still i need you here, whats new?

it's 6am. Las Vegas doesn't look so cool
once the sun comes up.
i draw the blinds and dream of you.

i'm commited to all these memories of you.
and love is overated .
it leaves you devistated.
love is overated.

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