So long Astoria - The Ataris

It was the first snow of the season, i can almost see you breathing
in the middle of that empty street
sometimes i still see myself, in that lonesome bedroom,
playing my guitar and singing songs of hope for a better future
(chorus) my fares are only as good as the memories we make,
and i'm taking back what belongs to me,
poloroids of classrooms unnattended, these windows of rememberance,
are just like ship wrecks,
oh, we were gone faster than the smell after it rains

last night when every was sleeping,
i took a ride through my old neighborhood, and ressurected memories from ashes,
we said that we would never fit in, when we were really just like them,
but does rebellion make a difference?


So long Astoria, I found map to burried tresure,
and even if we come home empty-handed,
we'll still have our stories of battle calls, pirate ships, and wounded hearts,
broken bones, and all the best of friendshis,
so when this hourglass, has filled at last, this final grain of salt,
i'll raise my glass to the memories we had,
this is my world, and i'm taking it back,
i'm taking it all back...

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