Mon Yous, Mon Us, but No Them - The Fratellis

Well Shorty's into ballet

She does it in the alley
Sells it when the kid goes
All around the discos
You can see him crashin'
All after a fashion

Like the girls in my street
Have all been around

And little Petey Pan steams

All the girls from showreels
Sells them for a fiver
For Gezabelle Gadiver
She'd burn him in the kitchen
Just to stop the b_tchin'

He said the girls on my street
Have all been around

She's got that broken look in her eye
She's so much more good lookin' than me

He said those Hard Rock girls are so brave
Miss Dagger's got my heart
She's known it from the start
Oh I was a serious boy
I couldn't buy me no joy

And it's all about the way that you
String those fancy words of yours together

And you lived in the West End
All of your life and it shows

Well drunk1 got a kickin'
Because his bones were stickin'
We threw him on the pavement
For easy entertainment
Oh what a cheeky fellow
He says hi
I say hello

He said the girls on my street
Have all been around

Johnysmall was thinkin'
To stop himself from drinkin'
And Gizmo had the reason for aggravated treason
I just cant fit them all in
But Bean, she comes a callin'

I killed them all
They said my sister's

Been around

Chorus x2

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