Astronaut Pussy / Welcome to California - The Game feat Skeme, Too Short, Schoolboy Q & Stacy Barthe

Too high, can't come down
Losing my head, spinning round and round
Round and round
Round and round

[Verse 1 - Game:]
Back to the hoes
Ridin' down 7-4th and Hoover with my n_gga ScHoolboy
Cadillac and a coupe
See them n_ggas hatin from afar, can't catch em know
But they getting smacked when we do
Ra ta ta like we snoop
Crown on the vic
Crown on my wrist, crown on my b_tch
And a couple crowns on my crew
Keeping pounds of the blue
Ivory in it, tsunami in it when I be in it
Got the lobby in it, Tommy in it
The trunk got a body in it
N_ggas be like he bodying it
Ziplock full of J's, closet full of J's walking on my crib and he's Scotty in it
Bath tub big enough to fit a Audi in it
8 gold chains like it's already in it
Murder with the ink, I'm Gotti in it
Don't get too popped if yo ass 2 Pac
Cargos with the 12 gauge shotty in it
Plus I still got a crib on Brazil
I ain't never holly that but I got a Maserati in it
That's my new addition, nobody in it
Chop shops in the hood, no karate in it
So much money, got a money tree
Whoop so many n_ggas' ass, sh_t we money team
Same f_ck n_ggas with they hand out
Same stacks on, bring the bands out, n_gga should be workin on they money skeme
Back to the convers, kill em with one verse
Converse with the worst til one of our gun burst
Callin Archurelli, tell him n_ggas in one hearse
'Cus Compton ain't like the city of commerce
No back talk, back wall, end up in asphalt
N_ggas love them choppas like we flyin in black cars
But you with the roost, thinkin a n_gga was black though
Now hold that thought
Motherf_ckers wanna act loco
Hit em with numerous shots from the 4-4
Motherf_ckers wanna act loco
Hit em with numerous shots from the 4-4


[Verse 2 - ScHoolboy Q:]
Pray for me, I'll make 30
Desert, even my nails dirty
Everything on life and I'd die for it
Made a mill, you ain't even know it
Tell Iluminati I'm down for it
Call Jigga, I'm next n_gga
Some n_ggas my new litter
F_ck the world on earth day
Her booty clap on my birthday
I would take the cake but I've been paid
I'm a real n_gga, you's arcade
Had a switch blade in the 5th grade
Smoked plenty weed on my mama's couch
Now I'm going big, I can buy the house
You sound water down, I sound of an ounce
See this for those who say "where you from"
If those hoes who gonna make me cum
With them f_ck n_ggas we don't f_ck around
And f_ck n_ggas gonna lose a lung
Knock knock n_gga, come feel the drum
If the bed low I'm a stack the crumb
Up the contraband in-between my gun
Before smoking dope I was selling coke
Well rocked up to a 8 year old
When it popped up, call it pot luck
500 G's, n_gga pretty please
Condos, where it's sun and trees
10 keys with my 8 G's
Hoover hats like the star of David
Pull on shots unless kidney faded
Ran up on 'em, I ain't doin aimin'
Move out the set but the set I'm banging


[Verse 3 - Skeme:]
Look, a young n_gga really tryna stunt, f_ck it
West side eagles and I ain't budging
Independent n_ggas with no budget
If it ain't about a dollar gotta change subjects
Rap ass n_ggas ain't sayin nothing
This flow here, n_ggas can't touch it
Motherf_ck friends, tinted windows on the Benz
Doing doughnuts in the b_tch got me trippin like a bucket
Sox gang off in the streets
10 hut, big squads are with me
See n_ggas 12 ballin like they been in the gym
But you lookin like a novice to me, now quit talkin to me
Can I vet? All you n_ggas sound retarded to me
Killin these n_ggas, I'm a general n_gga
Turn yo head to target for free
Now I'm on, look at me
Started, started with them pistols and palm trees
Now when n_ggas come through the wood n_ggas gotta know that that's all me
See the set catch rap
When I slide through throwin up a bill
And n_ggas wanna act like they thuggin like, we said boy please
This S to the K to the E to the M n_gga
New Rolls go vroom n_gga
Got a 5 cocked back like boom n_gga
Got enough room to fill up a room n_gga
And I'm all in these, had 100 a go
Gave her that d_ck now she beggin for more
Pay me a millie, yo b_tch load is illie
But I ain't got, still got 100 to go
And I do it, I does it
I swear that you love it
I just left from Newark, got bands in my luggage
Play with you rappers, my n_gga
This black mack
Take out my d_ck, take a piss on the public like f_ck it


[Welcome To California:]
[Intro - Too Short:]
Welcome to California b_tch
Welcome to California b_tch

[Hook 2:]
Ski's not the only place
Sounds like a BS
I know another place
Where you can't stop the shining
You can't stop the shining
You can't stop the shining
You can't stop the shining

[Verse 4 - Game:]
N_gga done run everywhere
Left trails in my city everywhere
But nowhere like home
C-O-M-P-T-O-N on
B_tch come and dust my throne
Stand from grandmother's porch to my executive Porsche
Now I'm driving through London alone
With a Parisian b_tch
Rockin corn rolls, backseat of my Panamera watchin pornos
Where we goin?
What we doin?
Fly to Johannesburg
N_gga city in ruins then fly to Dubai
On my poolside, coolin my Audemar
You waterproof f_ckin gone, let em know that I admit
Everywhere around the world and that's cool
But can a hotel f_ckin reserve us parked through
My hood gorillas move whenever sharks move
Move to back to Compton sh_t, we are too
Condos and wheels to sh_t, I bought two
Livin down the street where BIG got shot, I hunt you
And the very next day where Pac met his fate
It's how we live our life, surrounded by tape

[Verse 5 - Game:]
Where the angels fly, city of angels... I will never let you down
Kill anything approaching my crown
Still undefeated
That's why I got my kids building sand castles on the beaches
But don't get it confused, said he still got moves
Where the wrong colors n_ggas end up on the news like Sal
Like Durant in a dream then I'm right back down Compton avenue in a Buick
If you had the hot n_ggas put a bullet through it
And it took a coma for you to be king would you do it?
Would you do it?
If I dropped you off at Watts would you walk through it?
Would you be from great street or would you Piru it?
Here's my red raggers that's ain't nothing to it
There go the 60's, motherf_cker good luck
(Welcome to California b_tch)
They were the 60's, motherf_cker good luck

[Verse 6 - Schoolboy Q:]
From the corner where that ho said that hit kat
Short dress, hair down her bizac
You know me with my thumb in my index
Nah, I ain't bloodin n_gga
Pass blunts to my cousins n_gga
Turn hale into gold, I can pon the river
High power, you a amish liver
Cali dro in my lungs and such
Twisted blunts from dawn to dusk
My shoe box should've been a armored truck
Everything good, feeling marvelous
Came to the city, that you honored us
You don't talk me a game, no game homie
Get greedy with the clip, no aim on it
Uh, Mr. 3rd degree
Burn like the bridge and yo business uh
Started at the floor, at the beginning uh
Now I rep the floor until the ending uh
Smoking on ills cause I'm winnin
Wax getting blowed, just the pin lit
Uh, yea now back to the booth, back to the hoes
Ra ta ta in the lap with the 2
No Cali J, I still ran all blow
All in the trim, straight lookin like you
Free tattoo

[Verse 7 - Schoolboy Q:]
I'm in the gangsta sh_t, gangsta clothes and gangsta crib
Need a gangsta b_tch to take the dope and hop the fence
Might die on the freeway
Hey, much love to the he way, aye
Watch you know about LA?
(Welcome to California b_tch)
Stay low from the comas
Make a right fore they dome us
(Welcome to California b_tch)
Stay low from the comas
Make a right fore they...

[Hook 2]

[Verse 8 - Skeme:]
Got a b_tch, say she wanna f_ck in Beverly Hills
And I swear I'm a bring her to the set if she will
And if I do the p_ssy better killin
Just the way I make her feel, no step in they mills
These n_ggas hella be trip, these n_ggas never be real
I came up in a world where it's kill or be killed
I swear that every b_tch I used to f_ck f_ck me still
Just give a d_ck, never covered a bill
This sh_t is real, this west side INGFCF
Bands on them b_tches, getting M's on them b_tches
Going for the Cartier, hands on the b_tches
Last long like I'm using extends on them b_tches
I'm a native, I got real n_ggas with me
Gold state, gold grills, I put on for the Betty White
Middle fingers for the peace
Tell them b_tch n_ggas s_ck a d_ck
Man come and get me out

[Hook 2]

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