Westside Story - The Game feat 50 Cent

[Verse 1]

Crip n_ggaz, Blood n_ggaz, Essay's, Asians,
Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, White Boyz, Jamaicans,
Latin Kingz, Disciples, Vicelords, Hatians,
All these mutha f_ckas been patiently waiting,
Since the west coast fell off the steets been watchin,
The west coast neva fell off i was asleep in Compton,
Aftermath been here the beats been knockin,
Nate Dogg doin his thing DPG still poppin,
I got California love f_ckin b_tches to that Pac sh_t,
And westside connection been had it locked b_tch,
I'm in the rear view my guns is cockin,
I'll put red dots on that n_gga head like rodman,
All stars, phat laces, gun charge, court cases,
Faught that, not guilty im back,
N_ggas hate me been there, done that, sold crack,
Got jacked, got shot, came back jumped on Dre's back, payback,
Homie i'll bring ur CA back,
And i dont do b_tton up shirts or drive Maybacks,
All u old record labels tryin to advance,
Aftermath b_tch take it like a mutha f_ckin man,

[chorus x2]

If you take a look in my eyes,
You see i'll be a gangsta till I die,
That California chronic got me so high,
Game tell them where your from,
N_gga westside!

[Verse 2]

I'm lowridin homie, 6 Tre impala,
Gold d spinnin, chrome hydraulics
Run up on my low-low you stop breathin,
Hollow tips make n_ggas dissappear like houdini,
Gang bangin is real,
Homie im livin proof like Snoop Dogg C-Walkin on top of da devils roof,
Rap critics wanna converse, about this and that,
Cuz red strings in this converse and this a Dre track,
Keep jibberin jabberin i'll pull a .38 magnum,
And get the clickin and clackin,
You'll homies will wanna kno what happened,
Come to Compton and see thriller like Mike Jackson,
I might be Spike Lee, of this gun clappin,
Prior to rappin I was drug traffic, and
In the dope spot playin John Madden,
Homie I aint braggin, I took five,
If u wanna die run up on that black 745

[chorus x2]

[Verse 3]

New York New York, big city of dreams,
I got my L.A Dodger fitted on im doin my thing,
Got me f_ckin wit G-Unit you kno the drama that bring,
I got n_ggas in Westside Compton and Southside Queens,
And Buck told me in Cashville I'm good when I come through,
So i don't gotta tuck in my chain like DJ Poo,
I'm gangsta more like Deebo when he was Zeus,
Play bishop I paint that picture now who got the juice,
You n_ggas is nuts so, i take off ur roof,
Leave your ass steched out like a Cadilac Coupe,
God gotta let me in heaven all the sh_t I been through,
I was an OG in the hood before i truned 22,
Homie I'll let the .38 special rip through that vest,
And I don't contemplate whether or not he left that sh_t on the dresser,
Got Compton on my back,
Im startin to feel the pressure,
I'm lyrically Kool G. Rap on these Dre Records

[chorus x2]

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