Bigger Than Me - The Game

These n_ggas ain't bigger than me
These n_ggas ain't Nas ain't Jigga to me
These n_ggas ain't Em, they ain't 50 to me
You ain't Pun, you ain't Pac, you ain't Biggie to me
These n_ggas ain't Crips, they ain't 60's to me
These n_ggas ain't Bloods, they ain't dripping with me
N_ggas talking that sh_t, bout the new generation
Man F_ck these n_ggas, I'll slash your f_cking faces

You n_ggas ain't sold sh_t, not an album or a rock
P_ssy n_gga putting rings on my old b_tch
D_ck down the throat ass n_ggas
Old ho' ass n_ggas
Happy cause you went gold ass n_ggas
These n_ggas ain't spitting with me
You ain't sicker than me
F_ck out my section you ain't sitting with me
This for very important people
It's clear that we not equal
Clear you n_ggas faggots, I'm the black Marshall Mathers
Like "ying, ying, ying" on a motherf_cker
Who needs Hulk Hogan when you got Sting on this motherf_cker?
Less than five albums, Kiss the Ring on this motherf_cker
California throne and I'm the King on this motherf_cker
I don't wanna hear it
Weak ass lyrics
Crying on the hook, thinking we gon feel it
Old lost ass n_ggas
Voice crack when you talk ass n_ggas
Rolling blunts for them boss ass n_ggas

I came in with Ye', Jeezy and boss ass n_ggas
Your Freshman cover a whole bunch of soft ass n_ggas
Tampon lyricists, evacuate the premises
Mute BET Cyphers, cause I don't wanna hear that sh_t
May you Rest in Piss, you f_ck n_ggas
Aye, Frank Ocean go ahead and f_ck these n_ggas (yeah they f_ck n_ggas)
Ain't no 3 stacks in your class
Take your Top 10 spot and shove it up your ass, b_tch boy
N_ggas already f_cked your b_tch, you b_tch boy
And every time you kiss your b_tch you s_ck my d_ck, b_tch boy
And when you buy that ho a bag that b_tch carry my bricks, b_tch boy

I was in the Double-XL
Red Chucks round my neck
I was the G in the Unit
Had Buck in my set, word to the rhymes
Had Bust a bust around my set
Gave Who Kid a Glock in case they bust round my set
I'm from Compton
Where the glocc can't f_ck with that tech
That's on bompton
40 Glocc got socked in his neck
This a spawn in the flesh
F_ck all these p_ssys, give me any name to call out
Left Aftermath, Dre told me

Black Marshall Mathers, time to show 'em what it's all 'bout
"Ying, ying, ying" on a motherf_cker


Eh Frank Ocean go ahead and f_ck these f_ck n_ggas
"Ying, ying, ying" on a motherf_cker
"Ying, ying, ying" on a motherf_cker
Drop your single, I drop dreams on that motherf_cker
I should let my daughter scream on this motherf_cker
The industry soft, I should let Miguel sing on this motherf_cker
Ride out
Blood money, we gon' ride out
Ride out
And don't think I won't send six n_ggas to your hide out
Rich Gang

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