Bills is Paid - The Game feat Nipsey Hussle

Long awaited!! Most anticipated
We back again; as we welcome you
To the Republic, of Cali-for-ni-a
{DJ SKI, The Game, California Republic mixtape}
{Long awaited, droppin Thursday - B_TCH!!}

My bills are paid
And everything's okay
It's like every day
Summertime in L.A.

[The Game]
Yeah; I'm from Compton, home of the fiends
Home of the monsters, home of triple beams
...Home of the shattered f_ckin dreams
Where most n_ggaz I grew up with ain't make it to see they teens
Ain't no Freddy, ain't no Jason, but n_ggaz too scared to dream
And they rippin pages out of them books 'bout Dr. King
You don't wanna know half the sh_t I seen
where readin a magazine get you hit with a magazine
N_ggaz ain't scared to murder cause the jails too packed
Kill a n_gga, he be out before the "R.I.P." tat
I seen Raider snapbacks by Starter
Then I seen Dre make that Sox hat harder
Then I seen Makaveli go at Shawn Carter
Then I seen that block where B.I.G. got slaughtered
Then I knew it was my callin, G the f_ck up or die ballin
Lace them red Chucks up, but die fallin


[Nipsey Hussle]
Yo! Let's go
I'm risin in this game and it feels great
Still tryin to keep it real, n_ggaz still fake
...I'm so impatient, but I still wait
Dropped "The Marathon" in November, n_ggaz still late
...[intentionally long pause]
...Still show love when I feel hate
On a scale of one to ten, need a high heel eight
Or better, blowing this cheddar like I'm Bill Gates
Whatever, I'm in to win til this movie ends
Smoking California, eating Peruvian
Out on Miami Beach, my n_ggaz a few of them
Just like Beverly Hills, the b_tches we usually wear
From wishin on a star, n_gga took it far
And if I lost it all to war, I wouldn't trip at all
Look; it sound crazy when I say it
But the fear of fallin off is the only thing that could take it
We straight


[The Game]
I got my hoodie on, it's a Starter
I'ma rock this muh'f_cker for Trayvon Martin
I'ma rock this muh'f_cker for Trayvon's daughter
that he coulda had; where's his killer at? The whole hood is mad
That ain't the first time, won't be the last
See reflections of my past, while I guzzle through this glass
Make me want to run up on you with the muzzle, "Where the cash?"
Retaliation is none, n_ggaz can't afford the gas
Got a mansion in the Hills, Rottweilers by the gates
Red Ghosts in the driveway and ducks by the lake
Spending time with my daughter so them ducks gotta wait
Let a n_gga call it a duck, he gon' eat a thirty-eight
I'm supposed to be this f_ckin rich
I'm supposed to be this f_ckin great
I'm a (Menace II Society), no Larenz Tate
but me and my n_ggaz straight and


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