Cellphone - The Game feat Dubb

[Verse 1 - Game:]
I remember days on Crenshaw, take a n_gga Beamer
Hit the hood, take his rims off
Then hit that block, let him hear that Pac
That sh_t don't stop
Soo woo, new coupe, through the west side
New Benz, top down, new rims, new b_tch throwin' up P's, whoo whoop

[Hook 1 - Game:]
Compton n_ggas ain't never gon' be the same
It's in my blood, you see my veins
You see my tats, you feel my pain
You in my hood? You from a gang
You got 2 seconds to answer where you from, or you gon' see your brains
Now that you slumped I see your change

[Verse 2 - Game:]
N_gga we got canals, shelves, n_ggas that tried, n_ggas that died
N_ggas that fell well, off in their jail cell
Sh_t, we got n_ggas with full clips
That dip through you set and disappear like "Hell Rell"
No bail like the peace price
Get caught up in the middle of the street at the light, you f_ckin' bean pie
Middle of your forehead n_gga, that's where your beam lie
(You be ok) Cause I done seen God

[Hook 2 - Game:]
N_ggas sellin' crack, Dre sellin' headphones
2Pac in heaven, bumpin' Biggie "Dead Wrong"
Cherry red Impala, Bible had [?]
I just killed a n_gga on my cellphone
Puff sellin' vodka, weed got my head gone
G-Man in heaven, name on that headstone
LJ in prison, and my n_gga Legs gone
I just killed a n_gga on my cellphone
Stop that

[Verse 3 - DUBB:]
Playin' chronic, blazin' chronic with the windows tinted
Cause those that don't cut the checks, the ones in yo' business
Rappers sendin' death threats but still ain't sent no killers
You take a stretch [?] squeeze myself, can't depend on n_ggas
Sh_t on n_ggas check the urinal and you'll see
That I be droppin' jewels and you should take 'em like a jewel thief
Wolves teeth is what I use to eat my f_ckin' pray up with
Used to make the yayo flip now Game told me to lay your hits
Teamed up, toured the US just to let the name ring
Goin' home to f_ck sh_t up, I did the King James thing
Steak and lobster with the gentleman, sit with a gangster posture
Blowin' all these bands fans, screamin' like it's Frank Sinatra
Made it out the South Bay village homies hate I prosper
But I don't owe you n_ggas sh_t, I'm supposed to thank my mama
Only chase for commas, got 'em in now raise the Llama
Hotter than a blazin' comet, f_ckin' south central moth

[Hook 2]

The f_ck?
Oh sh_t
This mother f_cker's recording down him s_cking a warm d_ck n_gga
You bullsh_t
N_gga bring your mother f_ckin phone, I gotta get this sh_t on the gram n_gga, gotta get my followers up,
I'm gonna blow the internet up with this mother f_cker
That b_tch on WorldStar n_gga
Push the door open n_gga, watch out
Oh the n_gga bustin' on [?]
Nasty b_tch
B_tch get the f_ck out of my house b_tch
Nasty b_tch
The dead n_gga, the mother f_cker wolf game head, b_tch I dodn't even know Wolves could cum my n_gga
Shawty got the best head ever

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