El Chapo - The Game feat Skrillex

Granada, I'm falling under your spell

I am the God
El Chapo, I am the God
El Chapo, I am the God
El Chapo, I am the God

You know I get the kilos, cincuenta porciento
If you are not bilingual
Get the f_ck up out of town, 'fore we run your ass down
Underground how I came out
Any n_gga try to stop me let it hang out, let it bang, let it rain out
Yo soy el dios you adios n_gga (I am the God)
Seen a n_gga chopped up on a Tuesday
While the club goin' up on a Tuesday
This is goons day, I can have Guadalupe
Come through and knock Donald Trump out his toupee
Now look at his brains all on the sidewalk
And tuck the .38 and jump on my skywalker
And whew, I'm rollin'
Shotgun, Claudia, oh Shotgun, Claudia Ochoa (I am the God)
Only n_gga walking through Sinaloa with the blood
Red Chuck Taylors on and you know it when I show up
It's a squad full of killers, squad full of hittas
Squad full of n_ggas that'll pull up, let it bark on a n_gga
Hundred six shots bark on a n_gga
Street sweeper wet the whole block up, Noah's Ark on a n_gga
Got two Glock 9s, two .45s, two Desert Eagles
And they fly together side by side
No juego conmigo, tu sabes de mi
No Tony Montana, mis amigos mis kilos
Mi casa, su casa cuidado con el chico
Tu quieres la plata yo tengo perico
(Ya te dije el juego y fuego paisa)

I am the God
El Chapo, I am the God
El Chapo, I am the God
El Chapo, I am the God

Pinches policias (Puto)
Jodiendo todo el dia (Cabron)
Que si ora tu familia
O mi madre y mi tia, I see

I'm on a private jet with El Chapo, feet up
Sippin' Tecate bout to land for the re-up
F_ck the Montanas, we ain't got them trackin' devices
The feds they be watchin' and see us
N_ggas wanna see us? Check the IG
I'm in the Villa throwin' blood up like an IV
Don't try me, DeJ Loaf with the AK
600 million, 400 million from Dre Day, uh
Pablo Escobar in my hey-day, uh
Bringing off coke that's a payday, uh
On a private jet that's a mayday, uh
In South America on a vacay, uh
P on my snapback, choppin' grade-a, uh
None of these n_ggas ready for the melee, uh
Hundred cal make his body do the nae nae
Leave a n_gga face worse off than Sheneneh
I am the God, I've been tellin' you n_ggas
I got a bird and a chopper in the trunk
Ven aqui I will sell it to n_ggas
We can screw it and chop it
Machetes on deck, I will sever you n_ggas
Behind these bars, some El Chapo
Motorcycle out the cell on you n_ggas

Escuchame chingatumadre, nunca me encontraras
So para de mirar, no me controlas, te controlo
Controlo a todos me respetan o se mueren
Soy el Chapo y la hago en Sinaloa

I am the God
El Chapo, I am the God
El Chapo, I am the God
El Chapo, n_gga, I am the God

N_gga, I am the God

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